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  • Presentation about Lilach's Wulff construction and crystal interface project
  • See new AViz page and checkout AViz on Github.
  • 2015 projects: Class and group 2015 project page - project presentations, next seesion Sunday 22nd 15:30, Rm 605.
  • Recent group publication: Minireview on Electronic Density just appeared, open access.
  • New compilation of group theses here.

  • New project websites: Graphitization of diamond by Omri Harosh
    Percolation interactive site by Liran Sharir, with Oculus stereo option.
  • Group abstracts for Summer, 2015, presentation for INTOP2015 and posters for ``Recent Advances in Computational modelling for Energy Applications'' 1st poster - Omri Adler 2nd poster - Jeremy Rutman 3rd poster - Omri Harosh and Joan Adler's presentation.
  • New AViz electronic density results by Bastien Grosso, click here for stereo movie. View accepted manuscript.
  • Joan Adler's presentation for Doh Segel Mehkar 2015, slides here
  • Joan Adler's talk for 28th Athens CSP Workshop February 23-27, 2015.
  • View 2014 class projects and recent undergraduate projects.
  • 20th - 24th August, CCP2014 - C20 IUPAP meeting on Computational Physics, Boston, USA http://ccp2014.bu.edu. Joan Adler and Irina Paykin's talk.
  • View 2012/3 class projects and a manuscript about them.
  • Colloquium on ``Computational tools for physics education'', for UGA and Emory, February, 2014.
  • ``A Rosetta Stone for AViz'' Joan Adler's talk for 27th Athens CSP Workshop February 24-28, 2014.
  • Poster for IPS2013.
  • Presentation for Physics/CS student evening (29/10/13) on - Computational Physics and a talk to Physics undergrads (23/12/13) on MOLECULAR DYNAMICS .
  • 20th - 24th August, CCP2013 - C20 IUPAP meeting on Computational Physics, Moscow, Russia http://ccp2013.ac.ru. Joan Adler's talk1 and talk2. View pictures and more pictures. Joan Adler's submitted manuscript
  • 5th - 10th August 2013, VIIth Brazilian Meeting on Simulational Physics, (BMSP) Joao Pessoa, Brazil - view website at http://www.fisica.ufpb.br/bmsp. Joan Adler's invited talk. View pictures from BMSP. Submitted manuscript and its movie webpage
  • 19th June, 10:30 AM Irina Paykin's Seminar
  • Talk for Hora'at Madaim students on 29th April.
  • Joan Adler's presentation (proceed with the NEXT button) and manuscript for the 26th Workshop on Simulational Physics, Athens, Georgia, 25th February - 1st March, 2013
  • Joan Adler's seminar for February at UGA, Athens, GA
  • Computational Physics Conference 2012 October 14th-18th, 2012, Kobe, Japan-PROGRAMME. Joan Adler's presentation about 3D visualization on every desktop.
  • Amihai Silverman's presentation for the ``EAST MEETS WEST'' EU meeting, 1-4th September, 2012 in CYPRUS, and his keynote presentation for the Linksceem User's meeting on 3rd September.
  • Joan Adler's presentation for visit to CiNaM on 5/7/12. See also AViz tutorial on 3/7/12.
  • Movie from 16/4/12 by Ofer Filiba - parallelization of nanotube vibration code of P. Pine - [ here ]
  • Joan Adler's presentation (proceed with the NEXT button) and manuscript(with G. Halioua and D. Mazvovsky) for the 25th Workshop on Simulational Physics, Athens, Georgia, 20th-24th February 2012.
  • See full list of conference talks and colloquia from 1998-2011 with links to slides and movies.


  • View ongoing group projects and installations.
  • View animations by Tali Mutat of benzene inside nanotubes.
  • Crotcheted nanotubes: crocheted model of a
    nanotube - pictures and crochet instructions
  • AViz New AViz page - AViz Atomistic Visualization Old AViz page - Atomistic Visualization, AViz tutorial.
  • Column for Computers in Science and Engineering, ``Visualization in Atomistic and Spin Simulations'' , September 2003.
  • Edited summary of 68 Computational Physics projects before 2005. More projects [ 1998-2002 ][ 2003 ][ 2004 ] [ 2006] [2007] [2009] [2010] [2011] [ 2012/13] [ 2014] [ 2015]
  • Hebrew article about our projects Joan Adler's presentation for ISCM22, 15/3/07. [pdf][image] [ISCM newsletter]

  • 3 youtubes - from a class project, from a PRACE video from our Juelich collaboration and from an undergraduate project


  • Joan Adler is on the Editoral Board of:


  • Joan Adler is secretary of C20 - IUPAP Commission on Computational Physics and a member of EPS-CPG - European Physical Society Computational Physics Group. Press on the images for their websites:


    what TAMNUN, Technion cluster computer partly supported by RBNI
  • Presentation for TAMNUN opening on 24/7/12. See also TAMNUN publicicty YNET - CALCALIST - hayaden - timesofisrael - topix
  • TAMNUN COURSES: Linux environment course, pbs course, hands on course, c example, fortran example, gpu cl example
  • TAMNUN software, visible only within firewall
  • what PRACE - European HPC collaboration - see our contribution to PRACE video, upper right Youtube video
    what LINKSCEEM - Eastern Mediterranean HPC collaboration


    Cover image for front page of journal from paper by Sh. Michaelson, R. Akhvlediani, A. Hoffman, A. Silverman and J. Adler ``Hydrogen in nano-diamond films: experimental and computational studies'', selected as Editor's Choice for physica status solidi (a), September 2008 (Vol. 9, 2099-2107)

    (left) AViz goes stereo with help from H. Zilken at Juelich click on left image for details and view their mpg of Tali's methane diffusion here (right) AViz anaglyphic stereo by Dan Peled, red/blue colored glasses needed to view, see AVIz 6.1 page. click on image for larger size. Animation here.
    Far left - electronic density of nanotube ring by Bastien Grosso
    Left - electronic density of 6 nanotube rings by Bastien Grosso, see 8 more pictures
    Center - methane molecule in C60 cage (T. Mutat,
    press here for animation by P. Bavli)
    Right - new image of an sp2 channel in a diamond sample by A. Silverman from a project with R. Kalish and J. Adler


    L. Computational Physics group members 2014 (left to right - front) Lilach, Omri A. Omri H. (back) Liran, Michael, Zipporah,Joan, Amihai C. Computational Physics group members 2010 (left to right - back) Alex, Yoel, Jeremie and (left to right - front) Joan, irina and Polina. R. Computational Physics group members, spouses and friends (left to right) Adham, Paula, Geri, Zaher, Robert, Joan, Anastasia, Slava and Nir, in 2002.

    More pictures of the group in our photogallery and linked from here . Click on the image at lower left for pictures from the 25th Anniversay conference of the Julich-Aachen-Technion Umbrella Collaboration.
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