After discussions at the recent Technion-Juelich-Aachen Umbrella meeting Herwig Zilken at Juelich has succeding in enabling stereoscopic rendering in AViz
He wrote - ``I am very glad that I can give you a first report on my activities concerning your Aviz visualization software. First of all I could compile Aviz on our Suse 11 Linux system. As Aviz uses Qt 3, I had to port it to Qt 4 first. The OpenGL/Mesa part of Aviz was not a problem at all. Furthermore it also was possible to enable stereoscopic rendering in Aviz (see image below)! So we can use Aviz in 3D on our 1-channel stereo screen.''

And more recently updated this to - ``now it also runs on our large 3-channel stereo screen'', see images below.