• Computational Physics Lab - Rm 316, Telephone (04829) 2043.
  • List of ip numbers of group computers and cellphone numbers at phjoan23:~phr76ja/private.html, accessible only to group members from within the Technion on phjoan23. Hardware addesses on phjoan23:~phr76ja/arps Archive of formats at phjoan23:~archeon/public_html.

    Name Telephone   E-Mail   phone/cellphone   Room   Homepage
    Joan Adler 972-4-829-3937 phr76ja@tx.technion.ac.il Room 603, Physics all computers Homepage(joanadler)
    Jeremy Rutman 972-4-829-2043 rutman@physics.technion.ac.il - Room 316, Physics phony2 Homepage
    Omri Adler 972-4-829-5904 omriacademy@gmail.com Room 316, Physics all computers Homepage
    Tzippora Izraeli 972-4-829-5022 tmontag@tx.technion.ac.il Room 316, Physics/EE phcarbon1 Homepage(Tzipora Montag)
    Amihai Silverman 972-4-829-3870 amihai@tx.technion.ac.il 972- Computer Center phcarbon3, all Homepage
    name 972-4-829-2043 @tx.technion.ac.il 972- Room 316, Physics Homepage
    Alex (on leave) 972-4-829-2043 kalex@tx.technion.ac.il Room 316, Physics Homepage

    * Emails and Homepages for PREVIOUS GROUP MEMBERS, undergraduate students and friends are LISTED on our PEOPLE page; or on the private.html file; where cell/home numbers also listed.
    #If emails are missing or incorrect on the people page please notify Joan Adler

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    Last updated: January 2015