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what More webpages: ad for postdoc and ad for new project students.
what Course Homepages: [ Computational Physics ] [ Advanced Stat. Mech. ]
[Physics 3][JA's Physics3 lecture notes][Physics 3H][other][DOH SEGEL MEHKAR - 114227][SEMINAR -116030]
what Computational Physics Group: old contents of FTP site . phjoan12 files are at http://phjoan23.technion.ac.il/~phr76ja/old_pub
what Other Computational Physics Sites
what SimPhoNy QE to AViz
what Homepage of the Israel Physical Society [old ] [new] - [IPS08] [ IPS2007] [ IPS2006] [ IPS2005] [ IPS2004 ] [ IPS2003] [ IPS2001] [ IPS2000][ IPS Repository]
what [ RBNI][ Nanocluster Site]
what Physics Department at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.
what Computational Physics Seminar Seminar what
For Technion seminar list - change date to a thursday in pdf name: clock then change

Last updated: March, 2017