Information linked here is what can be made public. Files with sensitive information may be mentioned but should be placed in locations where only people with root access can read them.


  1. Rms 316/315 repurposed
  2. computers moved to 461 and phelafel moved from department to group
  3. Joan retired, group ``closed'' except for Joan and Amihai
  4. Joan moved to Rm 361 and refocused on International Committees and Journal editing
  5. new collaboration with horaat madaim
  1. too busy to write details, many papers and projet students
  2. phony5 reinstalled, phony6 installed
  1. 2 new computers phony3 and phony4
  2. Computer details phonyplan.pdf
  3. new group members and specific tasks at grouplan.pdf
  1. rm 316 cleaned and renovated.
  2. 2 new computers phony1 and phony2
  3. old computers scrapped, see private.html list, for details
  4. LAMMPS on phnano1 failure
  5. new nodes simphony_q on TAMNUN
  6. new group members and specific tasks at grouplan.pdf
  1. wireless now operates in Rm 315.
  2. Reallocation of Rm 316 computers - phmelt2 for visitors,
  3. phjoan13 reinstalled in UBUNTU for class projects.
  4. Much work in OpenGL on phjoan13 and ALUF/TAMNUN, See OpenGL page for details.
  5. LAMMPS installed on phnano1; which is reallocated to project students, (Omri)
  6. SIESTA installed on TAMNUN


  1. VASP 4.6 installed on TAMNUN, /user/local/bin/VASP
  2. Help files for TAMNUN are at: /usr/local/help - Tamnun_PBS_Queues_users.txt
  3. New version of AViz, (6.1) on website of Dan Peled installs on new Red Hats, not on Fedora.
  1. parconv.f Routine to convert dataset such as nanstar to dataset for input to AViz and out put to image. Based on earlier convert.f for transforming .xyz files.
  2. AViz 6.0 including polymer connections and variable width bonds is in preparation by A. Silverman and Y. Koenka
  1. move to 316 completed, computer details at:phjoan23:~phr76ja/tempsfrom18/private.html
  2. phjoan23 replaced (with wrong computer) but remaining as is for now.
  3. pgplot on phjoan23 - compilation command - gfortran pgdemo1.f -o pgdemo1.ex -lpgplot -lX11
  4. Solutions to Latex problems for Physical Chemistry Journals from Irina
  5. GAMESS installation and use.[MAIN][INSTALLATION]
  6. Umbrella project with Michael/Thomas/Tali.[SUMMARY] currently only in phjoan23:~phr76ja/umb.html
  7. VASP installation completed on phjoan13, phjoan11 and phjoan5 with intel libraries by Amihai. You need to add the line in vaspenv to your .cshrc file once before using it, or enter this command each time you use it. (Dora's instructions also aat above link. VASP is for the use of Joan, Amihai and Jeremie only, group members who want to be added must see Joan.
  8. p4vasp installed on phjoan23 by Joan, can be downloaded from by anyone who wants it on their computer from the p4vasp site
  9. VASP tutorial and temporary NANCO VASP instructions and Dora's instructions:
      ``In order to use Intel compilers and/or to use Intel MKL, you should add
    Intel environment setup to the system profiles (see how it is done on ALUF).
    For example, for tcsh users add to /etc/csh.login the following three lines:
    source /opt/intel/Compiler/11.1/072/bin/iccvars.csh        # Intel C/C++
    source /opt/intel/Compiler/11.1/072/bin/ifortvars.csh        # Intel Fortran
    source /opt/intel/mkl/ # Intel MKL
    This will define the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable (needed for VASP) and other
    required variables as well.
  10. Vesta graphics code here


  1. Collection of Linux tips
  2. Slava's codes