Compiling and Installing AViz

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Installing AViz binaries/RPMs

The precompiled AViz RPM binaries are prepared under Linux RedHat 7.0, Linux RedHat 8.0, and SUSE Linux. (For special problems with SUSE contact Adham Hashibon, or read a note from Thomas Prellberg.)

To install a precompiled version of AViz under Linux, become superuser and use rpm -i with the RPM filename as argument

Compiling Source Code and Installing AViz

To compile AViz, a C++ compiler such as g++ is needed. AViz should compile and run on all UNIX machines on which Mesa/ OpenGL and Qt is installed. In addition, the libpng and the zlib libraries are required. These two libraries are included in Qt distributions and should be present by default. Linux users will find RPM files providing these software packages all over the net.

During compilation, AViz makes use of a Makefile builder called tmake. It does not usually come with the Qt library and must be installed separately. It can be downloaded from the Qt site. Linux users may download a RPM file from this server. Note that tmake is expected to reside in /usr/local/bin. If your tmake is in some other directory, you need to make a link to /usr/local/bin.

To uncompress and build the source tree from the SRPM file under Linux, become superuser and use rpm --rebuild with the SRPM filename as argument

To uncompress and build the source tree from the tarball, uncompress and untar using tar -zxvf with the filename as argument. Alternatively, uncompress and untar in two steps, by using gunzip and tar -xvf

Then cd into the source directory and use ./configure
and make

To install, become superuser and use make install

The source installation requires tmake and the Qt library to be installed and set up correctly. The Qt library is usually either in /usr/lib/qt-XXX (where XXX denotes the version) or in /usr/local/qt-XXX .

During compilation, the environement variable $QTDIR must be pointing to the appropriate directory. The variable is set either by setenv QTDIR /usr/local/qt (under csh/tcsh) or by QTDIR=/usr/lib/qt-XXX;export QTDIR (under bash).

Similarly, the variable $TMAKEPATH must be set up correctly. For instance, Linux users may set this variable to /usr/share/tmake/linux-g++ or to /usr/share/tmake-1.7/lib/linux-g++, depending on the installation of tmake.

Installing Example Data Files

The data files and tar files provided on this server are compressed. Note that some browsers will change the suffix of the downloaded files to .xyz or .tar, rather than retaining .xyz.gz or .tar.gz, respectively. Make certain the filenames have the .xyz.gz or .tar.gz suffix when saved on disk.

To uncompress a .xyz.gz data file or .tar.gz tar file, use gunzip with the filename as argument

To unpack an uncompressed tar file, use tar -xvf with the filename as argument