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Index to Computational Physics Course Material

If you have reached this page from reading an article about the course, please use the older page alllessold.html that better matches the article. This is the 2016 page.
In 2016 we have reverted to later HPC and changed the hardware of phelafel and the system is now UBUNTU. The old fortran compiler f77 has been replaced by gfortran so take care to use the codes linked below which have been updated. Please notify Joan Adler (phr76ja@tx.technion.ac.il) of any resulting problems.

A summary of useful weblinks:

  1. Sitemap of the Computational Physics Class website
  2. Summary of announcements about accounts opened, PHELAFEL problems etc.
  3. Email Dr Joan Adler with general questions.
  4. Class email list.
  5. Help from consultants and information about software packages for both this course and your thesis research can be found on the software(tochnot) page of the Computer Center website.
  6. Summary of commands on PHELAFEL and phclass1-5.
  7. With fortran and c we will be using pgplot graphics and a listing of the different subroutines can be found on the local pgplot subroutines page. For use on phclass1-5 see the commands page for compilation etc.
  8. General information and syllabus.
  9. View projects from previous years.
  10. Summary of links.


The way to use this site is - first read the page, then come to the lecture - then read the page again, going into all the links in order. If you have to miss the lecture due to MILUIM, please read thru with all links before the next lecture.
  1. Week 1 - History, hardware, software, communications, manuals, consultants, web use, security. Programs - survey2016.f, compiling and running FORTRAN in LINUX. (26/10/16)
  2. Week 2 - Simulation, enumeration, algebraic manipulations, solution of equations, basic precautions. Example of random walks, random numbers. Programs rwalk1.f rwalk2.f urand.f cplot.f, compiling with PGPLOT, project discussion. (2/11/16)
  3. Week 3 - numerical differentiation, quadrature, roots, and Targil 5 discussion. Programs chap1*.f (9/11/16)
  4. Week 4 - Ordinary differential equations, order and chaos. Programs chap2*.f (16/11/16)Targil 1 due 18:00.
  5. Week 5 - Boundary value and eigenvalue equations, Schroedinger equations. Programs chap3*.f (23/11/16) Targil 2 due 18:00.
  6. Week 6 - Molecular Dynamics in Solids, Visualization. Please look at the page on Molecular Dynamics and play some of the movies there. Introduction to LAMMPS if there is time. I also hope to hand out TAMNUN accounts and perhaps do the PBS link. This week we move from basics to applications. (30/11/16).
  7. The TAMNUN accounts are on a signup sheet going around at the start of the lecture. Week 7 - MATHEMATICA, special functions, gaussian quadrature. (7/12/16) Targil 3 due 18:00.
  8. Complete MATHEMATICA and start Week 8 - Monte Carlo integration part and Ising models. This completes Targil 4 material. (14/12/16). Do the PBS PBS link.
  9. Guest lecture on Simulated annealing and optics. Dr Levine will prepare material, but there may be a connection to the link and Irena/Lee's movies (21/12/16).
    28/12 is no study day due to hanukah break, but Dr Adler will be avaliable to discuss projects.

  10. (4/1/17) HPC week - In 2016/7 this is again brought forward. Start with the link at left, then LINUX bits here, and then start learning about PBS job submission queue scripts. (This will include learning about scripts themselves.) Project proposal due and from next week on 2-3 students will give a report on their project topic each week. A list will be passed around in class, most senior (doctoral) students can go first. more project topic reports. Student TAMNUN course account info for 2016/7: Your accounts are coursexx. Passwords given on signup sheet in class. Will continue later on.
  11. (11/1/17, Targil 4 due) A few different topics today, lets see how far we get. Week 11 - partial differential equations - time dependent Schroedinger eqn, Week 9 - Percolation, fractals and
  12. On 18/1/17 Week 10 - Series expansions, Pade approximants and then project reports. Targil 5 is due, no point penalty till after semester end. If time remains, general introduction to HPC materials simulation, details on Quantum Espresso and LAMMPS. The material is linked from largecodes.html.
  13. 25/1/17 - Continue undone parts from largecodes.html and cpu versus gpu. Might also do spare bits if there is time. We conclude with a link to student sites.
  14. Page for links to student projects HERE

    -------------- COMPLETELY UPDATED till here for 2016/7


  1. Targil 1 - due 4th lecture of the semester, 16/11/16.
  2. Targil 2 - due 23/11/16.

    Project Information proposal due 4/1/17, project due end of moed bet fall semester 2016/7, or will cost points.

  3. Targil 3 - due 7/12/16.
  4. Targil 4 - due 11/1/17.
  5. Targil 5 - due 18/1/17, handin till semester end no pont cost, points charged after end of semester.
  6. -------------- UPDATED till here for 2016/7--------------

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