Index to Computational Physics Course Material according to the published article. In 2016 we changed hardware, operating system and moved from f77 to gfortran, so some of the links below will refer to the updated versions.

A summary of useful weblinks:

  1. Summary of announcements about accounts opened, PHELAFEL problems etc.
  2. Email Dr Joan Adler with general questions.
  3. Class email list.
  4. Help from consultants and information about software packages for both this course and your thesis research can be found on the software(tochnot) page of the Computer Center website.
  5. Summary of commands on PHELAFEL and phclass1-5.
  6. With fortran and c we will be using pgplot graphics and a listing of the different subroutines can be found on the local pgplot subroutines page. For use on phclass1-5 see the commands page for compilation etc.
  7. General information and syllabus.
  8. View projects from previous years.
  9. Summary of links.


  1. Week 1 - History, hardware, software, communications, manuals, consultants, web use, security. Programs - survey2011.f, compiling FORTRAN (7/3/11)
  2. Week 2 - Simulation, enumeration, algebraic manipulations, solution of equations, basic precautions. Example of random walks, random numbers. Programs rwalk1.f rwalk2.f urand.f cplot.f, compiling with PGPLOT, project discussion. (14/3/11)
  3. Week 3 - numerical differentiation, quadrature, roots, and Targil 5 discussion. Programs chap1*.f (21/3/11) I know this is Shushan Purim, students who live in Jerusalem may arrange an appointment to meet me later in the week if they missclass.
  4. Week 4 - Ordinary differential equations, order and chaos. Programs chap2*.f (28/3/11)Targil 1 due 18:00.
  5. Week 5 - Boundary value and eigenvalue equations, Schroedinger equations. Programs chap3*.f (4/4/11) Targil 2 due.
  6. Week 6 - Molecular Dynamics in Solids, Visualization (11/4/11) No homework due, but look at the page on Molecular Dynamics and play some of the movies there.
  7. Week 7 - MATHEMATICA, special functions, gaussian quadrature + project topic reports (2/5/11) Project proposal and Targil 3 due. The lecture will finish by 12:40 for those who wish to go to the tekes zikaron at 13:00.
  8. Week 8 - Explanantions on webservers. Monte Carlo integration and Ising models (16/5/11).
  9. Week 9 - Percolation, fractals (23/5/11) Targil 4 due.

  11. Week 13 Linux and HPC (30/5/11).scripts need checking still; linux part will be done later.
  12. Week 10 - Series expansions, Pade approximants (6/6/11) + LINUX bits if there is time.
  13. Week 11 - partial differential equations- time dependent Schroedinger eqn (13/6/11) + preliminary project presentations/status reports.
  14. Week 12 Granular media, computational optics (20/6/11) and other topics to be selected.

    -------------- UPDATED till here for 2011--------------


  1. Targil 1 - due 28/3/11
  2. Targil 2 - due 4/4/11
  3. Targil 3 - due 2/5/11
  4. Targil 4 - due 23/5/11
  5. Targil 5 - due 4/7/11
  6. Project Information proposal due 2/5/11, project due end of moed bet spring semester 2010/11, or will cost points.

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