Students in Computational Physics - 2005

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    Email and Homepage listings

    Point your browser to the LISTSERV homepage for our class listserv at http://tx.technion.ac.il/archives/ph118094-s-l.html and add yourself to the list. (This is independent of formal enrollment in the course and HAS to be done by undergraduates manually).


    1. LECTURER: Dr Joan Adler email website

      Complete Projects -

    2. Yaniv Gershon email website Simulation of carbon nanotubes under external forces
    3. Pavel Aronov email website Visualization of AFM image by Atomistic Simulation Visualization software
    4. Michael Girgel email website Dark currents characterization in the Diodes on MCT
    5. Mor Ritterband email website Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Amorphous-Crystalline Interface of Aluminum
    6. Alon Gabbay email website Calculation of the eigenstates of electrons and a hole in a quantum structure containing an electron gas
    7. Asael Adler email website Hologram Project
    8. Evgeni Shoifet email homepage Phase-Stepping algorithm for Twyman&Green Interferometry
    9. Wolf Moran email website Advanced Optical Tweezers - *Spatial Light Modulation*
    10. Eli Meirom email website website
    11. Kouniavsky Alexandre email website
    12. Michael Yasin email website Optical modes of 2D slab waveguide
    13. Igor Babichenko email website Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
    14. smoise@T2.TECHNION.AC.IL website Torjman Moshe website
    15. Yosi Vaserman sjero@t2.technion.ac.il website Dripping Faucet Simulation Project

      Projects still in progress -

    16. Fouad Atrash email website Atomistic simulation of a crack tip in brittle materials
    17. Boris Gurfinkel email website Millikan Oil Drop Simulation
    18. sshoam@T2.TECHNION.AC.IL Shoam Shwartz
    19. cenir@TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Haimovich Nir http://tx.technion.ac.il/~cenir/

    COMPUTER ACCOUNTS in ROOM 315: each student has an account on phelafel which will be backed up as well as one other machine as listed below:

    (draft, names here without brackets filled in forms that I have and so you have an account, names in brackets or name not listed form still needed or lost. The first person in each list who arrives in the classroom is requested to log in before the lecture starts each week.)
    Your account is as listed below; your password can be got from list on board in class or from me.
    If you gave me a form and are not listed please contact me;
    When you log on the first time -
    1. change your password by writing ``passwd'' and answering
    2. organise your paths write ``cp ~phr76ja/.cshrc .''
    3. then write `` source .cshrc''
    phclass1 - shirly, michael y., sivan, oleg
    phclass2 - asael, moran, fouad, eli
    phclass3 - odelia, moshe, evgeni, tomer
    phclass3 and phelafel_old - mor
    phclass4 - nir, michael g., shoam, alex
    phclass5 - boris, alon, pavel, igor, kalex
    phclass5 and phjoan19 - igor, (yosi)



    Preparing your webpage: your webpage may sit on the computer of your choice, for Graduate Physics students, the computer PHYSICS is a good idea, for all students TX/T2 are possibilities, for physics undergraduates phstudy is possible and as a last resort I will put it on the Computational Physics webserver. We do not provide this service on PHELAFEL. The webpage listed in this class list may not contain political material or anything unsuitable for general distribution. A very plain starting file called myhomepage.html prepared last year (adequate for assignment credit) can be viewed for the imaginary student ploni almoni and downloaded from the class http site, but look around and copy something more exciting if you like. Or give me the location of your existing webpage if you already have one. Credit for completing this website will be given as part of Targil 5, but you should try to do it earlier. There will not be a specific grade for the webpage, but you will get a grade of zero for targil 5 if you do not list an accessible website location with your answers for targil 5.


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