Students in Computational Physics - 2007

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    Email and Homepage listings

    As you send me updates, I will update on this page http://phycomp.technion.ac.il/~comphy/class2007.html below.

    If you are not listed on the listerv, then point your browser to the LISTSERV homepage for our class listserv at http://tx.technion.ac.il/archives/ph118094-s-l.html and add yourself to the list. (This is independent of formal enrollment in the course and may have to be done by undergraduates manually).


    LECTURER: Dr Joan Adler email website

    COMPLETED and GRADED projects:
    pavelba@TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Pavel Bavli Elastic Constants Calculation Of Solid Argon: Serial & Parallel Realization
    scohenor@T2.TECHNION.AC.IL Or Cohen Ordered-Disordered Phase Transition in Solid Hydrogen
    pine@TX.TECHNION.AC.IL Polina Pine MPI implementation for carbon nanotube simulations
    ddtt@TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Danny Tsebrenko Simulation of a noisy quantum information channel mirrored at Simulation of a noisy quantum information channel
    zeevs@TX.TECHNION.AC.IL Ze'ev Shpilman De-convolution of XPS and HREELS peaks
    lk@tx.technion.ac.il Lev Kvietny Snell's Law
    saint@T2.TECHNION.AC.IL Colenberg Marius Optics
    omriw@TX.TECHNION.AC.IL Omri Warshavski Bootstrap Percolation

    dbirman@TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Daniel Birman Designing an all purpose array of sensors for optical observations.
    enrique@TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Enrique Kajomovitz .
    maizlerd@TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Dmitry Meisler DLA - Diffusion Limited Aggregation

    and a new project from last year: Daniel Golubchik: email website Simulations of superconducting film out of equilibrium


    keys - from gabi. He may ask for a deposit.
    account on phelafel - will be  opened for everyone who hands in form.
    this account has backup and a webserver.
    everyone gets one other computer account as well, (some get phelafelold
    plus another, i just do not trust phelafelold to remain stable.)
    see list below to see your allocation.
    assuming a few people bring laptops, then we should manage 2 to a
    machine (or at worst three in the backrow) in class.
    you need to start each account by changing the temporary password i started 
    with that is written on the whiteboard in the classroom.
    for  your first logon  either 
    1(a) go to Rm315 and  after entering account name  and temporary password
    (the computers have their names on the screens and on top)
    1(b) write ssh phmachine -l youridx in a window of tx or t2
    (phmachine is phelafel, phelafelold or phclass1 etc,
    youridx is the account  name you asked for on class machines)
    2. change password with the command
    on the command line enter the temporary one 
    then enter the real one twice.
    3. to organise your paths you need to have a file called .cshrc
    in the main directory of your account.you can find an example to download
    4. then write `` source .cshrc''
    If you do not do the above I am not responsible when you can't work properly.
    The first person who arrives for each machine should log on each week. 
    note that if you have path problems e.g. on tx
    (this is happening if you know the file is there but the computer
    says it cannot find it) then try
    ./sur2005.ex or ./rwalk.ex etc
    or else move the .cshrc file from phclass to there via the command
    (on computer where you have the problem)
    scp  yourname@phclassx:.cshrc .
    computer allocation in class
    phelafel - or, omri
    phclass1 - zeev
    phclass2 - enrique
    phelafelold - daniel b.
    phclass3 - polina
    phclass4 - marius 
    phclass5 - maizlerd
    laptops - 
    Just a signup is not enough for computer account, need form that is at
    If you did not  fill in the form but do so and drop it by my office or 
    letterbox by wednesday I will open account before next monday,
    otherwise probably only later in the week. 
    The following describes my feelings this morning after getting things ready:

    Preparing your webpage: your personal webpage may sit on the computer of your choice, for Graduate Physics students, the computer PHYSICS is a good idea, for all students TX/T2 are possibilities. If you do not have enough space elsewhere you may put your project pages on PHELAFEL. The webpage listed in this class list may not contain political material or anything unsuitable for general distribution. A very plain starting file called myhomepage.html prepared last year (adequate for assignment credit) can be viewed for the imaginary student ploni almoni and downloaded from the class http site, but look around and copy something more exciting if you like. Or give me the location of your existing webpage if you already have one. Credit for completing this website will be given as part of Targil 5, but you should try to do it earlier. There will not be a specific grade for the webpage, but you will get a grade of zero for targil 5 if you do not list an accessible website location with your answers for targil 5.

    When you have completed your personal page please send me an email with the information from this link written verbatim (verbatim means exactly the same format), replacing my details with yours, and Project title with your own title.


    Announcements about computer problems and fixes and any changes to the system can be found here

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