Learning PBS.

This page assumes you have an aluf account (same username and password as tx). If you do not please share with someone who does. The page also assumes either 9 weeks of Computational Physics class OR the preliminary Linux environment course OR experience in accessing remote Linux computers.

If you do not have your own program to use to try this out you may download simpson.f and a sample myscript script file. (The program simpson.f is adapted from the interactive routine called chap1b.f described in the numerical quadrature page in week 3 of JA's Computational Physics lectures where a full explanation can be found. It can be made longer by editing the file to increase the value of N; and then called Lsimpson.f)

For participants with ALUF accounts a short way to get myscript is:

cp ~phr76ja/class12/myscript .

You need to edit myscript to suit your account. As copied/downloaded it may suit a different acount. Use the command


to see your path and then edit myscript so the path fits the place where you put/will put the file simpson.f - then write

cp ~phr76ja/class12/simpson.f .

You then compile it with:

f77 simpson.f -o simpson.ex

and submit to the batch queue with:

qsub -q short myscript

and read the output with

more fort.8

If you run it more than once you will need to remove the output file fort.8 with

rm fort.8

before rerunning it.

If you want a test program that runs for even longer then use the file Lsimpson.f and the script Lmyscript.f with the same commands. This program makes a loop over many values of N.

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