Students in Computational Physics - 2006

All class material is indexed here, and the old class email list is here.Students who are not registered for the course no longer appear on the list below.

All homework is graded.

Project status as of Thu Nov 2 12:54:33 IST 2006

Completed, graded projects for which grades have been submitted and are posted outside my office:

sanek@tx.technion.ac.il Alexander Bar-el
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Solid-Liquid Interface in a Crystal Confinement

snizanm@T2.TECHNION.AC.IL Meitav Nizan
VisZeeman: Zeeman Effect and TransitionSelection Rules


bator79@TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Bat-Chen Rapoport
Free Fall

eytanfl@TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Eitan Filiba
A Comparison of Two Stochastic Simulation Algorithms and a Simple Investigation of Multistability

eyalsh@TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Eyal Schwartz
H.S.S - Hamiltonian Systems Software

Parallel Finite Differences Time Domain (Parallel FDTD) and Application files

sjnia@T2.TECHNION.AC.IL Jenia Hadas
Heat Equation Solver

setmev@T2.TECHNION.AC.IL Meitav Etai
Pulse evolution in optical fiber - linear effects

The following students should contact me about their project status if they have not spoken to me in the last week or so:

salexd@T2.TECHNION.AC.IL Alexander Dubrovsky

danielg@TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Daniel Golubchik http://tx.technion.ac.il/~danielg/

sronz@T2.TECHNION.AC.IL Zaidner Ron
shyuv@T2.TECHNION.AC.IL Yuval Shabo