Conversations about Computational Physics

10-13th October, 1999, Technion, Haifa


In addition to the invited speakers the following people have expressed interest in attending part of the workshop: M. Goldberg, A. Weill-Zrahia, S. Brandon.

Instructions for reaching the Technion

  1. Public transport instructions are at travel instructions .
  2. Israelis arriving from outside Haifa by car, see car travel instructions but do not assume entry into the campus unless you have requested a permit in advance.
  3. If you need entry by car into the Technion please inform Joan Adler by 13:00 on the 7th October, of your dates, car number, type and color and a permit will be waiting for you at the main gate. I cannot promise a permit if you tell me later than then.

Information for German visitors

Haifa tourist information is HERE, Haifa weather is HERE.

You will be at the Technion dormitory at Allenby street in guest apartments. (Each visitor will have a private bedroom, with shared kitchen and bath with 1 or 2 others.) The address is 85 Allenby street, a short walk or taxi trip from the Haifa (Bat Galim) bus/train station, and near a beach. There is a 24 hour guard on duty and he will have your apartment keys. After arrival, please call Joan Adler at 8251794 in Haifa (972-4-8251794 from out of Israel) if you come before 16:30 on the 8th or else please call after 18:00 on the 9th. (I am not certain about the telephone in the rooms, but there is a public phone with phone cards downstairs. Phone cards can be bought at the airport.)

To walk from the bus station follow Rothchild avenue (Shederot Rothschild) which heads towards the Carmel mountain, perpendicular to the road from Tel Aviv from the main intersection near the bus station till you reach a roundabout, then continue straight on Rothschild avenue past the roundabout and take a left at the next main road which is Allenby street.

There is a small minimarket further down Allenby street near the dormitory and many restaurants in the area that are open also on Saturday. The Technion is closed on Fridays and Saturdays. You may contact Adham Hashibon, phadham@aluf.technion.ac.il who may be in his office (8292043) on the 9th if you want to come up to the main campus then. A taxi will be ordered to collect you at 9:00am on the 10th October and bring you to the Physics department.

Dates of German visitors

  1. Stauffer, 10th am (from tel aviv) till 15th 0:20 LY359 (nights 10-14 incl.)
  2. Kob, 8th pm 13:55 AZ804 till 14th pm 14:55 AZ813 (nights 8-13 incl.)
  3. Janke, 9th 4:30am BA163 till 16th 4:30 am BA162 (nights 8-15 incl.)
  4. Hellmund, 9th 4:30am BA163 till 14th 7:05 am (nights 8-13 incl.)
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