Visualization for Molecular Dynamics of Solids

This page links to sites mentioned in the article ``Visualization for Molecular Dynamics of Solids'' and to the websites of the software used for preparation of our movies ``Simulations in Diamond'' and ``The Schroedinger Movie''. Some sample visualization programmes used in the Diamond movie are avaliable by http and give the compilation command, c routine containing the OpenGL commands, datafile and OpenGL executable (prepared on the O2 Silicon Graphics of the Technion Visualization center) to draw the image below:


This image of a split interstital defect is described in a paper by I. Rosenblum, J. Adler and S. Brandon, entitled ``Calculation of thermal properties of diamond from simulated phonon spectra'' to appear in Computational Material Science. For more details about physical results from this and other publications of our group see our publications page.

See the AViz homepage for recent developments in our visualization codes.

One of our favourite two-dimensional graphics libraries is PGPLOT, which we use in our Computational Physics course and used for ``The Schroedinger Movie''. For three dimensions we use either OpenGL or Mesa . Our movies are produced and recorded at the Technion Visualization Center with technical support from Arie Aharon.

For more information please contact these sites directly or for details of our implementations please send email to phr76ja@phjoan.technion.ac.il

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