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From Fall 2017/8 Joan Adler will no longer be giving this class and the new lecturer is moving the homepage to the Technion local limited access MOODLE page.

These pages will remain ``as is'' for open access by all researchers and students (some of the projects need user cpstudent, password cppw16). Please give a citation to J. Adler ``Educating the next generation of Computational Physicists'', Physics Procedia, 53, 2-6 (2014) if you use this material in publication or on a website.

118094 - Introduction to Computational Physics - Fall 2016/7 - SITEMAP


WELCOME to COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS! First some general information: Potential new students read here. Lets make it an easy and fun semester for me and you! The metargel is also me. So.... please read targil rules. See here to see when I am available for appointments. See here to use a laptop in Rm 315. Students who have only windows or Ubuntu experience may find my notes for new TAMNUN/PHELAFEL users helpful. There are many changes this year - a new phelafel server, large changes in compilers and reorganization of Technion email and tx. Please report any problems to Joan Adler

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