Introduction to Computational Physics - Fall 2016/7

Class times for Fall 2016/7 are 14:30-16:30 Wednesdays.
Joan Adler's office hours: email to make appointment in Rm 603.


WEBSITE: http://phycomp.technion.ac.il/~comphy,
CLASS LOCATION: Room 315, Physics Building.
TEXTBOOK: S. J. KOONIN, ``Computational Physics"
There is now an electronic version, link
REFERENCE BOOKS: H. GOULD and J. TOBOCHNIK ``An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods: Application to Physical Systems, Parts 1 and 2 " or the single volume 2nd edition; and W. H. PRESS, B. P. FLANNERY, S. A. TEUKOLSKY and W. T. VETTERLING, ``Numerical Recipes", Cambridge University Press, 1986 (1st or 2nd editions, Fortran, C or C++ only).
ASSESSMENT: Exercises - 30% - Final Project - 70%
COMPUTERS USED FOR INSTRUCTION: Linux Computer (called phelafel) and phclass1-5 in Room 315, Parallel Supercomputer TAMNUN. The class languages will be C or Fortran.
PREREQUISITE: Knowledge of one computer language and at least five semesters of physics.
CLASS GOALS: Familiarity with algorithms of computational physics, and the modern computing environment, including internet and web basics, elementary UNIX, two and three dimensional graphics, computer algebra and parallel computation. Understanding how to utilise these for research and teaching in physics.
WEB PAGES: Web pages with class material, references to useful information and help files and assignments can be found on the CP class website (http://phycomp.technion.ac.il/~comphy).