118094 - Introduction to Computational Physics

Fall 2016/17

Dear potential Computational Physics students,

Lectures scheduled for Wednesday 14:30-16:30 in Rm 315.

There is automatic acceptance to this course ONLY for Physics Dept. graduate

Officially all undergraduates need an enrolment form signed by Dr Adler, BUT,

 * 4th year physics or physics/cc or physics/materials engineering students will 
   generally be accepted.
 * Acceptance for graduate students from  faculties other than physics and 
   final  semester 3rd year physics undergraduates is encouraged, 
   space permitting, but  will depend on an interview with Dr Adler.

   (For these groups  a commitment to attend at least 80 percent of the 
   lectures, miluim with proof or illness with certificate  being counted 
   as attendance, will be required before enrolment.)

Space in this class is very limited and so it will greatly help both you
and the people responsible for the classroom Rm 315  if you email your
intention to enrol before the start of the fall semester (please also
physics dept grad students too). 

If you are able to bring a laptop to class, please read
and make sure you know how to enter tcpip parameters into your system if you have not yet registered its hardware lan communication 
 (not wireless) address with Riva. There is  wireless reception in the classroom, but this does not enable ssh.

View the
at http://phycomp.technion.ac.il/~comphy