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Yaron Artzi

Computational and graphical presentation of the population of energy levels of bound states in infinite potentials

[php (all browsers) - Physics 3,3H, Quantum mechanics I]

Meytal Kreif

Visualization of the orbitals of the Hydrogen atom

[browsers+3D glasses - MATHEMATICA, stereo AViz - Physics3,3H, Quantum mechanics I]

Elad Toledano

Simulation of Stern-Gerlach experiment

[Windows and LINUX (TAMNUN/ALUF) - OpenGL and GLUT - Physics3,3H,Quantum Mechanics I]

Peretz Uria

Quantum scattering - Yukawa potential

[python - Quantum Mechanics courses]

Alexander Leibenzon

Percolation on fractals

[C++, AViz - Statistical Mechanics, graph theory]

Niv Ierushalmi

Bootstrap percolation of a damaged diamond and measurement of the smoothness of the diamond surface

[c, MATLAB, AViz - Condensed matter research, (AS, JA and RK)]

Koren Shreiber

Visualization of defects in graphene

[LAMMPS/AViz - research (DM)]

Liron Ben-Bassat

MD simulation of a silicon crystal crack propagating on the (110)<110> cleavage system

[LAMMPS - Materials research (DS)]

Tzipora-Yael Montag

Temperature dependence of conductivity in graphene

[MATHEMATICA, Matlab - Nano research (JA, YY)]

Itai Schlesinger

Modeling confined water molecules in 2D

[fortran/PGPLOT - Nano research (US)]

Yoni Weissler

Computer simulation of dilute polymer solutions with the disspative particles dynamics method

[Matlab with GPU and multiple processors - Biophysics research -the image at left is a clickable Youtube movie]

Ido Lavi

Intermittent reaction paths of TFs

[c# and AViz - Biophysics research]

Tzvi Diskin

Electron dynamics in a 2D atomic potential in a strong laser field

[MATLAB - CM/Optics research]

Alon Yagil

Light propagation upon glial cells - expansion to the entire eye

[matlab - Optics research (ER) - site complete but temporarily not online due to pending publication possibility]

Adam Levi

Simulation of a radiating black hole in two dimensions based on the CGHS model

[c-sharp - Relativity research (AO)- a tool to simulate evaporating black-holes and calculate their Hawking radiation]

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