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Please read the precautions page.

Link to good project proposal here (its missing statement of which system he will use which was LINUX) and you may also see the final project here.

Some ideas for project topics here, please send me an email if you want to reserve one, or join a meeting on one.

1. ALL Projects are due by the end of Moed bet exams for a full grade out of 70. Projects handed in after this will cost 2/70 points per month, and once the next semester starts I will see students only in office hours after the students of that semester are helped. At the end of spring semester a lo hishlim will turn to 0. An outline of the topic, software and the computer on which the project will be done due after Hanukah, 4/1/17, at the latest (delay here will also cost points). Earlier hand in recommended.

2. I strongly recommend that you see me at least once before final handing in of the project, as I will probably want improvements. I am happy to meet several times with each student as needed. Grades will be given on the final project, not the intermediate versions.

3. To hand in your project you must prepare a website and a page (printed or handwritten) on which you write the location of your files (on the web) with instructions on how to start executing them if this is not on your website. Remember that there should be a help file either on paper or on the computer and preferably both. I will give points for algorithm (where appropriate), interface (how smoothly it runs), graphics (where appropriate), help files, accessibility of software (does it run on several platforms), and overall presentation. Projects will be accepted in Matlab in certain cases, with descriptions in pdf, however unless there is something VERY special these two options may not lead as high grades as projects in c or fortran with nice hyperlinked websites in sourcecode html. I suggest that before handing in you try the routines out on a classmate, friend etc to check for bugs when the user is not yet an expert on the interface.

WEBSITES and projects must run on Rm 315 computers under LINUX. The only exception is for programs for Horaat Madaim students, and this is for their software only NOT their webpages. Please save us all time by checking this before handing in.

4. When your project is complete and you get your grade I will close your account on PHELAFEL/PHCLASS1/5 unless you will be taking another course needing it. Please arrange transfer of your files before then.

6. For the rest of your studies at the Technion please feel free to ask me about Computational Physics matters and remember that the consultants in the Computer Centre are there to help you.

7. Watch our web page for updates on the progress of everyone's projects, and for a date in the winter semester when we will have a presentation of selected projects. If you (or your supervisor) has any problem with placing any part of your project on the web page please let me know. If you do not do this then your project will automatically go into the pool for future students to use with appropriate acknowledgement.

8. Some useful links for presenting projects are: format converter used by Rotem Berman to convert from .avi to .mpg formats.

9. I hope that some of you will use your projects in your theses and papers. If so please remember to acknowledge the class project (and if needed the projects of other people that you used) and give me a copy of the paper to add to the collection I bring out when asking for new equipment for room 315.

9. Some programs from class projects from 1990-2003 are referenced on the Computational Physics project page . here are [ 2003/4] [ 2005] [2006] [2007] [2009] [2010] [2011] [2012/13]

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