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PROJECTS in Computational Physics - 2012/13

Completed (graded) project sites linked from the student's name. Where applicable initials of the student's supervisor or people who proposed topic given in research details. Topics arranged in an approximate order of undergraduate education thru to advanced research, grouped by topic.

sya160_at_T2.TECHNION.AC.IL Yaron Artzi
Computational and graphical presentation of the population of energy levels of bound states in infinite potentials
[php (all browsers) - Physics 3,3H, Quantum mechanics I]

Undergraduate Project: Meytal Kreif
Visualization of the orbitals of the Hydrogen atom
[browsers+3D glasses - MATHEMATICA, stereo AViz - Physics3,3H, Quantum mechanics I]

set86_at_T2.TECHNION.AC.IL Elad Toledano
Simulation of Stern-Gerlach experiment
[Windows and LINUX (TAMNUN/ALUF) - OpenGL and GLUT - Physics3,3H,Quantum Mechanics]

sisma_at_T2.TECHNION.AC.IL Peretz Uria
Quantum scattering - Yukawa potential
[python - Quantum Mechanics course]

sleiben_at_T2.TECHNION.AC.IL Alexander Leibenzon
Percolation on fractals
[C++, AViz - Statistical Mechanics, graph theory]

nivieru_at_TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Niv Ierushalmi
Bootstrap percolation of a damaged diamond and
measurement of the smoothness of the diamond surface
[c, MATLAB, AViz - Condensed matter research, (AS, JA and RK)]

korens_at_TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Koren Shreiber
Visualization of defects in graphene
[LAMMPS/AViz - research (DM)]

bbliron_at_TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Liron Ben-Bassat
MD simulation of a silicon crystal crack propagating on the (110)<110> cleavage system
[LAMMPS - Materials research (DS)]

tmontag_at_TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Tzipora-Yael Montag
Temperature dependence of conductivity in graphene
[MATHEMATICA, Matlab - Nano research (JA, YY)]

schles_at_TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Itai Schlesinger
Modeling confined water molecules in 2D
[fortran/PGPLOT - Nano research (US)]

yoniw_at_TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Yoni Weissler
Computer simulation of dilute polymer solutions with the disspative particles dynamics method
[Matlab with GPU and multiple processors - Biophysics research -the image at left is a clickable Youtube movie]

sidolavi_at_t2.technion.ac.il Ido Lavi
Intermittent reaction paths of TFs
[c# and AViz - Biophysics research]

zvidisk_at_TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Tzvi Diskin
Electron dynamics in a 2D atomic potential in a strong laser field
[MATLAB - CM/Optics research]

Light propogation upon glial cells - expansion to the entire eye
[matlab - Optics research (ER) - site complete but temporarily not online due to pending publication possibility]

leviadam_at_TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL Adam Levi
Simulation of a radiating black hole in two dimensions based on the CGHS model
[c-sharp - Relativity research (AO)- a tool to simulate evaporating black-holes and calculate their Hawking radiation]

Incomplete projects listed in full list [ HERE ]

Updated June, 2013