118094 - Introduction to Computational Physics - RULES

Fall 2014/15

Accounts will be  opened when forms are handed in, see  details 

WELCOME to COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS (new students read  here)

Lets make it an easy and fun semester  for me and you!

The metargel is also me. So....

*  Unless it says otherwise explicitly in the targil all homework and
   information is to be handed in `printed`'' either in person or to
   my letterbox. Homework is individual, you may do it in groups but
   everyone hands in a page.

*  ``Printed'' means either on  real tree destroying paper or a piece of 
   recycled paper that has a web address for where the information 
   is with your name and t.z. The web address and site must be readable with
   firefox under LINUX (no word files accepted).
   html source code is our  preferred language, png, gif, tiff, mpeg 
   the preferred graphics codes. Homework may be printed or handwritten
   in Hebrew or English. I recommend you write clearly in Hebrew if
   you want me to read it. It should be clear from the above that word files
   are to be printed unless you can transfer to readable html, pdf or 
   graphic mode.(I don't take points off for bad English.)

*  Email (to be sent only to phr76ja@tx.technion.ac.il - I may use
   the class email list to send announcements, but don't usually log on there,)
   is to be used to fix appointments, tell me about broken computers
   or communications. I tend to lose homework that is emailed to me
   and homework that is placed under my door tends to be thrown out by the 
   cleaners. In the targilim I do ask you to email a file, please send to 
   tx only. 

*  I take points off for late homework and projects  unless you have proof 
   of miluim or illness.

*  If you are stuck on something small in a program or on a LINUX computer
   in the classroom, feel free to come by my office to ask for help at 
   any time. If I am   busy when you come, we'll set another time on the 
   spot. If you want a longer discussion call or email me to set it up,
   or drop by after 14:00 when I will see you unless busy with someone else.
   I am usually in my office at least from 10:00-16:00 but you can check
   here when i know in advance I will be busy.
   I do not take points off homework if you ask for help before it is due. 
   If you are too much of a nudnik I will say so,
   till then ASK for HELP!!!!!!!