Targil 3

This targil is to be handed in to Dr Adler by 18:00 on the day of the seventh pair of lectures 7/12/2016). The exercises from Koonin and Meredith as well as material from the book as needed for 2.7-2.10 are in separate handouts. Programs that are needed are on phjoan23.technion.ac.il in the usual place and can be obtained by http Instructions on their use will be given in class in the coming weeks. Note that we are not using the code for example 2 in the original form, but rather an adaption to pgplot made by Heela as a course project several years ago. You will need ex2.f as well as four files whose names must be in uppercase GRFDAT.ALL IO.ALL MENU.ALL and PARAM.E2. The version of ex2.f given is for tx compiling with the pgplotcl command.

1. Exercises 1.5 and 1.6, p14 of Koonin and Meredith. (See here) You may use any computer or language except MATLAB/MATHEMATICA/MAPLE. The equation 1.14 referred to in 1.6 is


2. Your choice of any two of Exercises 2.7-2.10 in Koonin and Meredith.

3. Gedanken calculation: select a situation that could arise in

either your research area

OR when solving a problem discussed in an undergraduate or graduate course that you have taken

OR when modelling an undergraduate laboratory experiment

where one of the algorithms described in Chapter 1 or 2 of Koonin and Meredith would be useful.

Describe in 1-2 pages (total) the problem, how you would chose the algorithm to solve it and how you would implement it. Make sure to discuss which language, computer, graphics you would use and which matters of accuracy you should take care of. How would you check that your solution is correct?

Please hand in all answers handwritten, printed or by giving me a location of a webpage, as you prefer. There is no need to email any programs this time.

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