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This is an edited subset of projects prepared in the Physics Department at the Technion, in 1997-2005. Some were prepared as final undergraduate projects, some with grants from the Technion Center for the Promotion of Teaching, and most thru the course Introduction to Computational Physics taught by Joan Adler.

The projects are classfied by subject so some projects may be listed more than once. Emails and links to homepages of the students who prepared the projects are given for each project, but since good students tend to graduate after a finite time, feel free to contact Joan Adler if these links are outdated. In some cases there are links to archival material as well as the students' personal site.

WARNING: All the websites and the mpgs and animated gifs from the sites should run on any browser - netscape (4 and above), explorer etc, BUT while all the downloadable software linked here runs in a UNIX environment (definitely LINUX and SOLARIS and probably others) and the MATLAB and MATHEMATICA codes will also run in a microsoft environment, the other software and particularly the visualization tools such as PGPLOT (not public domain but free for non-commercial use) and AViz (public domain) would require adaptation for microsoft windows. The reason for LINUX is to make software both free and legal.

All projects are presented `as is' and we hope they are useful to others but do not promise support or assistance in running the software. Help with the software might be found on the Computational Physics Course pages. For users outside the Technion, some additional notes on the software used are at the bottom of this page.

The Prototype Project

Suitable for Undergraduates

  • Animated Simulated Annealing - Amihai Silverman. This was our first interactive routine with pgplot, and was prepared to demonstrate the annealing of a sample of argon. It is described in an article in Computers in Physics; see instructions and download software. More information can be found in a recent American Journal of Physics manuscript.

    Mechanics and Chaos

    Suitable for Undergraduates

  • Elastic Collisions - concept - Bertina Fisher, execution - Yigal Ultchin English Site, Hebrew Site. This site contains clips of stroboscopic exposures of the collision and graphics of the locations of two objects undergoing an elastic collision.

  • 155mm Artillery Shell Trajectory in the atmosphere - Oren Hershcovitz, (2002), , homepage. The project site contains c++ programs and explanations of all the forces involved.

  • Coupled Oscillators - Lidia Langof, (1998). This project simulates coupled oscillator motion and compare the use of different algorithms to solve the equations. An html description can be found here on this web server and the programs obtained by http from the Computational Physics http server.

  • Chaos of a Dripping Faucet - Yossi Weinstein, (2000). This project simulates the time intervals between every two drops as a function of the drop interval finding strange attractors by creating Poincare maps, and trying different parameters like drop mass critical speed and flow rate. A Runge-Kutta algorithm is used in order to solve the motion equations involved. The algorithm is written in fortran and the graphics use matlab. The program can be obtained by http from the Computational Physics http server or from the web pages of the project. More information here .

  • Motion of a Charged Particle in a Magnetic Field - Michal Groupmacher, (2004) homepage. This project includes both Hebrew and English descriptions and software in Matlab.(ARCHIVE.)

  • Ballistic Motion - Arthur Kogan, (2004) homepage. This project is entirely in Hebrew, and is designed for matriculation physics. ((ARCHIVE.)

    Modern Physics and Quantum Mechanics

    Suitable for Undergraduates

  • Animated solutions of the Schrodinger equation - Yochai Ben Horin, Zaher Salman, Shai Goldberg and Yigal Ultchin. Description and mpgs, see also software A videotape can be ordered with these animations, contact J. Adler.

  • Schrodinger equation interactive solver - Dany Regelman, (2000), homepage. This project is a Schroedinger equation solver in matlab.

  • Solution of the Schroedinger Equation in a Realistic Quantum Well - Aleksandra Milovanovich, (1998). This project is a fortran routine with matlab graphics. It provides an example of an implementation of a routine based on Koonin and Meredith's computational Physics book to use Matlab graphics. An html description can be found here on this web server and the programs obtained by http from the Computational Physics http server.

  • Rabi Oscillations - Uri Ezra, (1998). This project uses FORTRAN and PGPLOT. An html description can be found here on this web server and the programs obtained by http from the Computational Physics http server.

  • Computer Simulations for Atoms Inside a Laser Light Potential - Tal Kidan, (1998). This matlab project has been accepted as an article (T. Kidan, J. Adler and A. Ron) in ``Computers in Physics''. A description in html can be viewed here, and ps files and programs can be found on our http server in directory old_pub/preprints/KAR and old_pub/programs/KAR)

  • Visualization of Bragg Scattering - Yaniv Gershon, (2004). homepage

  • - Shlomit Avraham email homepage

    Modern Phsyics students should also check out the Optics projects further down this page

    Solid State & Statistical Mechanics

    Suitable for Undergraduates

  • Monte Carlo Simulation of the 3D Ising Model - Lior Metzger, (2004). email homepage The aim of this project was to write a three dimensional Monte Carlo simulation of the Ising model, using AViz - Atomistic Simulation Visualization as a visualization tool for the results.

  • Percolation - Ido Braslavsky, link to software.

  • Visualization of 3D Structures - Shahar Rosen, (2003). Webpages with visualizations of Bravais Lattices, selected non-Bravais lattices and Amino Acids from AViz. Useful also for a Modern Physics class.

  • Crystal Structures - Ira Burshtein, (2002) . Webpages with visualizations of Superconductors, Fullerenes and others from AViz.

  • What is Bootstrap Percolation? - Uri Lev, (2002), homepage. This project describes Bootstrap Percolation and presents interactive 3D visualizations from AViz.

  • Diamond Structures, Brillouin Zones, Fermi Surfaces- Nika Akopian, (2000), This project presents information on Brillouin zones and Fermi surfaces and instructions for running older projects by Moshe Levi and Nir Shvalb. Note that the older software is not in the directories of phjoan12/pub but rather in phjoan23/old_pub which is the replacement http server.

  • Branching Growth Model Simulation - Yotam Gil (2002) email homepage (project)

  • 2D Ising Model - Alexander Gemintern (1996). This program in C for Xwindows can be downloaded here. the executable is for Linux machines and the sourcefile can be compiled on any unix system. You need to downlaod the file nym which is the seed for the random number generator and have it present in your directory. It is a canonical simulation with the possibility to vary both temperature and field and is based on M. Creutz' microcanonical simulation.

  • Invasion percolation - Dana Hoffmann, (2003) email homepage (project)

  • Simulated Annealing (with AViz) - Moshe Maman, (2003) email homepage (project)

  • Visualizing vector spins (with AViz) - Riki Hihilashvili, (2003) email homepage (project)

  • Internal Structure of the Percolation Infinite Cluster - Eduardo Warszawski, (2004) email homepage

  • MD and MC Study of Carbon Nanotubes - Tali Mutat, (2004) email website

    More Advanced

  • The Dimer Method - Sasson Eyal (2004), email homepage

  • Interplanar potential calculation for metals - Shimon Hai, (2001) email homepage (project)

  • Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Diamond - Anastassia Sorkin, (2001) email homepage (project)

  • Simulated tempering - Slava Sorkin, (2001) email homepage (project)

  • Simulation of Molecular Structure of Surfaces - Michael Monine, (2000) Chemical Engineering. This project models a surface phase transition on Pt(110) catalyst in a carbon monoxide oxidation reaction. Reactions of this type represent systems far from thermodynamic equilibrium in which one can observe rate oscillations, spatiotemporal patterns and chaos. The goal of this project is to simulate the transition from 1x1 surface state to 1x2 state (and vice versa) governed by the adsorbate (CO) on the Pt(110) surface. It uses a c program that can be obtained by http from the Computational Physics http server or from the web pages of the project. The graphics for this project uses the X interface and it is a good example of their use. More information here and by email .

  • Strain distribution in and around a pyramidal Quantum Dot - Yuri Guzkov (2000) email homepage (project)

  • Equilibrium Shape of a 2D Crystal Grown from a Substrate - Tuvy Markovich (2000) email homepage (project)

  • Laser heating of Si wafer - Valentin Magidson (2000) email homepage (project)

  • Monte Carlo Simulation of a 3-D Grain Boundary in Gold (Au) - Yaron Kauffmann (2000) email homepage (project)

  • OpenGL/Mesa Description of the three-dimensional Geometry of a System for Crystal Growth - Arye Meir (1999) In this project 3d visualization with the OpenGl or Mesa library is implemented to visualize the three-dimensional geometry of a system for crystal growth. A full description can be found here . The programs are in fortran and c and can be downloaded by http . More information by email .

  • Unstructured Multidomain grid generation and visualization using OpenGL/Mesa and MPI - Oleg Weinstein (1999) A full description can be found here . More information by email .

  • Capillary Infiltration - Shaul Avraham (1999) More information by email or here.

  • Simulation of the Electric Field in a System of a Rough Surface Sample and a Ball Anode - Noam Koenigsfield (1999) This project calculates the electric field present in a typical field emission setup and the current vs. voltage based on the calculated field following the Fowler-Nordhaim model. More information here and by email . The matlab programs can be downloaded by http .

  • Analysis and presentation of Dielectric Properties of Nanocomposites - Tamar Tepper (1998) This project is a self-contained matlab program to be used on Windows 97 or Unix machines. An html description can be found here on this web server and the matlab programs and a text description obtained by http from the Computational Physics http server. (More information by email.)

  • Atomic Simulation of Nucleation in CVD processes - Michal Avinun (1998) This project is a simulation of nucleation using FORTRAN and PGPLOT on Unix machines. An html description can be found here on this web server and further instructions and the programs obtained by email.

  • 3D Visualization of percolation clusters - Nir Yefet (1998) An introduction to percolation theory and examples of the visulaizations can be found here, (More information by email.)

  • Simulation of Grain Growth Under the Influence of Particles - Mike Lieberthal, A program written in C for UNIX using the OpenGL graphics library simulating two dimensional grain growth with or without the addition of foreign particles. Details can be found here, and the programs obtained by http from the Computational Physics http server. The program works as is for Silicon Graphics machines. (More information by email.)

  • Metropolis Simulation of Bi2O3 - Jeremy Rutman homepage (project)

  • Hopping transport in disordered organic solids - Julia Preezant, (2003) email homepage (project)


    Suitable for Undergraduates

  • Polarization and Brewster's Angle - Nika Akopian (2001) email homepage, (project)

  • Reflection Refraction and Transmission - Shahaf Zommer (2002) this is a continuation of the previous topic email homepage (project)

  • SINGLE SLIT DIFFRACTION - Yoav Hadas email homepage

  • X-ray diffraction as a way to study crystal structures - Suhovoy Ka0tia email homepage

  • Optical Separation Criteria Demonstrator - Assaf Klein email website

  • Soliton Propagation in non-linear regime - Lahav Gan email homepage

  • Gravitational Micro - Lenses - Benny Yael email homepage

    More Advanced

  • The Diffraction Of Light By Acoustic Wave In Water - Yigal Kalmanovich homepage (project)

  • Patterns obtained from the interference of a plane waves with the screw dislocations in their wavefronts and the reference(undistorted) wave - Roman Vander (2002) email homepage (project)

  • Light Passing thru Turbulence - Ilia Merderfeld (1999) A description of the problem and of the matlab programs are here . More information by email. The matlab routines can be obtained by http from the Computational Physics http server.


  • Model of the vacuum diode with ferroelectric plasma cathode - Chirko Konstantin (2001) email homepage (project)

  • Motion of electron in the hollow cathode - Krokhmal Alexander, (2001) email homepage (project)

  • 1-D Modeling of Plasma Filled Diode - Alexander Dunayevski (1999) This project solves the problem of the dynamics of the plasma boundary in a planar diode with a plasma cathode, using a c program that can be obtained by http from the Computational Physics http server. More information here and by email . Dmitry Yarmolich (2004) email homepage


    Suitable for Undergraduates

  • Phyllotaxis - Leaf arrangement - Hagar Landsman, email homepage (project)

  • Branching Growth Model Simulation - Yotam Gil (2002) email homepage (project)

  • Protein Folding - Erez Dekel (1999) This project presents a simple model for protein folding that enables the user to select different amino acids and bond angles and then anneal the protein into its folded state. The programs are a combination of matlab and c and provide a good example of interfacing between matlab and c. They can be downloaded by http from the Computational Physics http server. A description is given here and more information can be obtained by email.

  • Stochastic simulation and its application for RecA Polymerization on single stranded DNA - Rotem Berman, (2003) email homepage (project). If you have problems downloading files, contact Dr Adler.


  • Dynamics of galaxies in the presence of a Cold Dark Matter halo - Liron Gleser (2002) email homepage (project)

  • Gravitational collapse of barionic matter in $\Omega=1$ Universe - Leonid Chuzoy (2000) email homepage(project)

    Computer Techniques

  • Matrix diagonalization - Sergey Krutyolkin, (2001) email homepage (project)

  • Matrix diagonalization - Maria Kushnir, (2004) email homepage Are you interested in matrix diagonalization? If so, on Maria's web site you can find three different programs as well as their FORTRAN code. All of them are purposed to find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a given matrix but, there are small differences between them. The first one has been written in C++ and has been compiled by Visual Studio. The next two have been written in FORTRAN, where the WINDOWS version has been compiled by the g77 compiler for WINDOWS and the UNIX version has been compiled by f77 (located on the phclass1 server). The last program is a FORTRAN code that can be changed and compiled in both DOS/UNIX systems.

  • Eyal Dassau, 2004 email homepage. This page requires a password, Please email Eyal if you want one.
    For more projects and information you may view the
    1. Unedited complete version of the older class projects page, arranged by year of submission.
    2. Class Projects before 1997 - see group PROJECTS page.
    3. Online material for the Computational Physics Class

    If you need help contacting the students who prepared the software, please contact Joan Adler but if you experience problems running the software once you have it PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE asking for more help. The projects all execute with either public domain software or with software site licensed within the Mahba /Technion environment. Computers mentioned by name include tx.technion.ac.il (solaris) phelafel (linux) minerva1 (AIX) and mtwolfson (SG). If software is listed on the http server phjoan12.technion.ac.il/pub it was moved to the http server phjoan23.technion.ac.il/old_pub when phjoan12 was retired. If you need help with Matlab, IMSL or PGPLOT you can try the Technion Computer Consultants publications website or the consultants at your own institution. For AViz help contact Joan Adler whatever because although it is public domain software it was prepared by the Technion Computational Physics group and we are happy to help on this.

    It is hard to remember to list all the people who helped with these projects but a partial list includes my teaching assistants, Amihai Silverman, Sasha Berengoltz and Adham Hashibon, my other graduate students David Saada, Zaher Salman, Slava and Anastasia Sorkin, Oren Hershkovitz, Nir Schreiber, many of the project creators who helped later students, my postdocs Geri Wagner and Irena Rosenblum, Physics Department software engineer Riva Kreiselman, and the faculty members who proposed projects, especially Bertina Fisher, Steve Lipson and Erez Ribak. The Technion Computer Center consultants, especially Batia Perry and Moshe Goldberg have provided constant wonderful support for me and the students. Lastly, thanks to Jimmy Nishry and Israel ben Efraim for supporting the classroom development for the Computational Physics classroom.

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