Week 11


  • The formal requirement for handing in the project is a piece of paper with your website, t.z. and name. Please make sure it is readable; both on the page and on the website. Firefox on phelafel is the definition of a readable website, so check before submission. Before final submission you should bring or email me the website so I can look and perhaps suggest improvements. Language mistakes in English will not cost points, but links that go no-where will. The grade this year (70 percent of total grade) is approximately divided into algorithm, interface, graphics, help files, accessibility of software over several platforms, and overall presentation. Except for overall presentation, not all projects may have all the above parts and if they are not appropriate, I obviously will not take points off. I will also give a bonus if one section is really good. More details on the project page linked above.

  • There are two easy ways to prepare large documents for webpages. One is to write in Latex and then use the command latex2html (installed on tx phelafel and on PHYSICS) to translate it to html. This is the best way to go if you have a lot of equations. Another way is to write in WORD and output to html.

    We now start partial differential equations, including time-dependent Schroedinger equations. Get all the files you need here. This replaces the need to get them individually from the links on all pages linked from here.

    We will also view some mpeg files of time-dependent Schroedinger equation solutions, and hear a bit about the historical origin of these simulations.


    We will explore a project by Carina simulating two and three component granular media (sand) in a rotating tube. The programs required are here. Make sure to take the three help files as well. This project involved solving a partial differential equation of the elliptic type.

    More examples of simulations in granular media Hans Herrmann and Dennis Rapaport

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