Week 12 -HPC week


This lecture can be viewed as a stand alone ``hands-on'' introduction to use of TAMNUN as follows: If you do not know how to access a remote LINUX Computer, you may look here and if you do not know the PBS queuing system here. When this material is presented in class the PBS link will be done later in the lecture. On this page, one clicks each link, reads it and then returns to the main page until reaching the link to the Main Parallel Computing page where the real action can be found.

This lecture is divided into:
  • INTRODUCTION: What is a supercomputer , what is HPC - [High Performance Computing][p.2][p.3][p.4][p.5]
  • TAMNUN: our local parallel cluster computer, and its structure and open accessible software link and updated link
  • MAIN PARALLEL COMPUTING PAGE: Introduction to Parallel Computing, MPI routines and hands-on examples for c, FORTRAN and GPU processors.

    This might take more than just the two lectures today.

    This lecture assumes familiarity with LINUX, either from the introductory course with notes at:http://phycomp.technion.ac.il/~tamnun/linenv
    OR from the preceeding weeks of Computational Physics class in 2015/6
    OR from a previous year of Computational Physics class. Students from previous years should check out the page on batch queue submission from here, which was not included in earlier years.

    If you wish to use TAMNUN beyond this course in a project or thesis research discuss this with your supervisor, I have undergraduate projects for next semester using parallel algorithms for students who completed Computational Physics if anyone is interested.

  • For some fun, take a look at the [Top 500] supercomputers.
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