Week7 and 8

Start thinking about seminars suitable for Targil5. I will let you know when there is one, suggestions welcome esp. from other faculties! The situation is not good, so there are websites to review in the Targil5 link.
In case you missed it here is the link to source-code html again.

I encourage you to start building your own set of weblinks to useful material, as well as summaries of which chapters of which reference books contain useful material. You could put this on homepage.

We start by downloading week7.tar, and week8910.tar. The topics to be discussed this week include Special Functions and Gaussian Quadrature. Reference is to Chapter 4 of Koonin and Meredith, and also to the Handbook of Mathematical Functions by Abramovitz and Stegun, legally on the web here. This material is also needed for Targil 4.

After completing the material listed above we will discuss the use of routines from the Numerical Recipes books. (Note this swaps to ooo.aip and you need to correct the ooo to www), Historical observations will be made on IMSL and Harwell libraries.

Another possibility is to combine Numerical Recipes with MATLAB, see link here. An interface file is nr3matlab.h. 5 bonus pints on targil 4 to anyone who links the main subroutine out of gquad.f - qgaus (in c++ equivalent) to MATLAB code; but if several students give same answer I will divide the 5 points between them. There is a copy of C++ Numerical Recipes in the Library and I have a personal one with diskette. I put the c++ routine here.

Now we do MATHEMATICA, needed for Targil 4.

A word on MATLAB - I do not mind if you use the MAPLE toolkit of MATLAB or MAPLE instead of MATHEMATICA, BUT prefer you take the opportunity to familiarize yourselves with MATHEMATICA as outside Israel it is more widely used; and there are websites which let you use it for free. We will spend a few minutes looking for cute things to do to in MATHEMATICA and share them and then students will MATHEMATICA experience can show some routines.

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