Week 8

The summary of useful weblinks is stored on the summary page.
Download (for the next 3 weeks programs) the file week8910.tar. To continue our discussions of computer trivia (trivial until you get stuck because of it), a few words about webservers and security. Any LINUX computer can be a webserver if suitable software, generally apache is installed. Within the Technion, such a server is accessible from all technion.ac.il machines, but is only accessible from the outside if you have special permission to go outside the firewall that surrounds the Technion. The computers tx and t2 are generally accesible from outside, physics/phstudy have good websites with some interactive possibilities, phjoan5(phycomp) for Comp. Phys. group and class, phjoan23 (my desktop, I usually put research collaboration stuff there) and phelafel (Comp. Phys. class students) have www only. These permissions require keeping up with all the security patches - this is non-trivial to do. My group once had an ftp server and if you find links to it, you can generally find those files today at: http://phjoan23.technion.ac.il/~phr76ja/old_pub/ The computers phclass1-5 do not and will not have webservers, nor will they or phelafel have mail. Note that tamnun has a good website, but it is only accessible from within the firewall.

The topics to be discussed this week include Monte Carlo Integration and Ising models. Reference is to Chapter 8 of Koonin and Meredith, and also to Gould and Tobochnik as well as selected Statistical Mechanics texts This material is needed for the first question of Targil 5.

A novel application of simulated annealing has been made here in the Physics Department. If there is time I will discuss this today, if not in the last week, see http://phycomp.technion.ac.il/~comphy/classfiles/optics.html, telescope image and http://phycomp.technion.ac.il/~newcomphy/irenalee.pdf

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