Linksceem Meeting Program Tuesday, December 1st, Lidow Physics Building, Technion

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Links to slides will be placed here as they are sent to me or to Alan
Room 300:           Opening Session - Chair: Pini Bar Yoseph
9:00- 9:25           Coffee
9:25- 9:35           Welcome - Prof. Moshe Sidi, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
9:35- 9:50           Overview - Constantia Alexandrou, CaSToRC
9:50-10:40           Norbert Attig, Juelich - The Role of the Julich Supercomputing Centre within LinkSCEEM
10:40-11:00           Coffee and discussion
Room 300:           Application Session I - Chair: Simon Brandon
11:00-11:45           Amnon Stanger, Technion - Computational Organic Chemistry: The ``Can'' and ``Can't'' be Done
          with Non Supercomputers in Aromatic Chemistry
11:45-12:40           Panel discussion with all morning speakers
12:40-13:45           Lunch (Hbar cafe)/ placing of posters (6th floor foyer)
Room 620:           Application Session II - Chair: Joan Adler
13:45-14:15           Constantia Alexandrou, CaSToRC - Hadron Structure from Lattice QCD
14:15-14:45           Ben Svetitsky, Tel Aviv - The Sill of the Conformal Window
14:45-15:15           Anath Fischer, Technion - Bone Modeling and visualization: From Macro to Micro Structures
15:15-15:45           Irene Moulitsas, CaSToRC - Mesh Parttioning and Fill Reducing Ordering for Domain Decomposition Problems
15:45-16:00 POSTER SESSION 2-5 minutes for each poster presenter (1-2 slides, submitted in advance in pdf format)
                        P1. Pavel Bavli, Joan Adler and E. Polturak, Technion - Simulations of Melting in an HCP Lattice: Mg
                        P2. Hari Radhakrishnan, University of Cyprus - Modeling Edge Effects in Drying Liquid Coatings
                        P3. Saleem Al-Ashab,Al-abayt University, Jordan - Counting Magic Squares
                        P4. Dan Mordehai, Technion - Atomic-Scale Adhesion between Faceted Gold Nanoparticles
16:00-16:20           Coffee and poster viewing (6th floor foyer)
Room 620:           Application Session III - Chair: Amnon Stupp
16:20-16:50           Yuri Feldman, Tel Aviv - Pressure-Velocity Coupled Three-Dimensional CFD on Massively Parallel Computer
16:50-17:20           Ariel Keselman, Technion - Solving Boltzmann Equation in Astrophysics
17:20-17:50           Alan O'Cais, CaSToRC - Scientific Simulation on Emerging Technologies
17:50-18:20           Simon Krichak, Tel Aviv - High Resolution RCM Simulation of Eastern Mediterranean Climate and its Expected Changes to 2050