TAMNUN, the cluster to replace NANCO has arrived and you should go to it's homepage here . NANCO will be decommisioned in mid-September and all users should migrate immediately. Some of NANCO's components will be integrated into TAMNUN after the decommisioning.

We congratulate Dr Anne Weill on her new full-time position in in Biomedical engineering and thank her for her years of support for NANCO and her kind offer to help ease the transition.

All queries may be sent by email to for the moment. Further updates will be on the page when avaliable.

Links to material that was previously on the homepage about software and getting started have been moved here.

To open an account on NANCO you must complete the three forms (links below) needed for an official account request. They should be sent electronically to Professor S. Brandon ( and are:

  1. application for accounts - all users must complete.
    You will get reply to the first form which, if positive, will include a request to make sure the following two forms are completed if they were not already included:
  2. financial pledge including budget number - group leader must sign.
  3. form about use of supercomputer - all users must complete and sign.

If you have a nano project and want an RBNI subsidy you need to send the form linked below direct to RBNI as well to get a 50 percent cost subsidy from RBNI, see funding page of the RBNI website. Go down this page till you reach forms for usage of capital equipment, then go accross page and click on icon for forms. NANCO is the Center for Computational Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The password here is the same as previously for forms, not the personal passwords for changing your details. These should be sent to RBNI directly by web submission, in addition to the forms for accounts which should be completed as described above and send by email or snail mail. This means 4 forms in total if you want the subsidy. Users and their group leaders should enrol themselves in the nanocluster listserv to get updates on NANCO issues:
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