Workshop on Computations in Nanotechnology

The workshop is being held to celebrate the new computer cluster
sponsored by the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute,
and is sponsored by the Technion, RBNI and Sun Computers.

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Abstract submission: One (A4) page abstracts in pdf format for poster presentations are welcome from both the computational analysis and the experimental community. Topics should involve methods or problems with (proven or possible) relevance to computations in Nanotechnology. Abstracts from nanotechnology esperimentalists looking for computational partners are especially welcome. Please send to Joan Adler ( A link to your presentation or website on the internet is also welcome.

Abstracts of invited talks and tutorials are linked from the program page .


(Listed in order of receipt)

  1. Electronic structure of Si(111)-bound alkyl monolayers: theory and experiment - Lior Segev
  2. Polarizability of small carbon cluster anions - Olga Guliamov
  3. Dissipative particle dynamics simulations of carbon nanotubes - Orly Levy
  4. Atomistic simulations of single-walled carbon nanotube oscillators - Polina Pine
  5. Comparison between calculated LDOS and measured NEXAFS for carbon allotropes and mixtures - Eduardo Warszawski
  6. Structure and dynamics of globular proteins in solution - Rina Gal
  7. PARSEC- the pseudopotential algorithm for real-space electronic structure calculations: recent advance and novel applications to nano-structures - Adi Makmal

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Joan Adler, Physics, Technion and Simon Brandon, Chemical Engineering, Technion.

Please check the website for updates, a final timetable and location of the tutorials.