This page is no longer being updated so some links may be outdated so use at your risk. For current links see here
  • We are in the process of submitting a request for an upgrade to NANCO. See here for statements of support.
  • Anne/Amihai/Dora have installed VASP on NANCO. Thank you! It is working with MPI interactively on specific nodes and can be used by all users who have their OWN VASP license. Please present your VASP contract to Joan Adler to be added to the user group. (This is a conditon from the VASP provider.) Users who wish to purchase a license should contact the VASP providers directly.
  • See details of cost structure.
  • Certain nodes reserved for interactive use - contact Anne for details.
  • 2nd Workshop talk slides h e r e in html [ pdf ]. [Program]
  • Reminder: some users with Nano projects can get a 50 percent cost subsidy from RBNI, see funding page of the RBNI website. Go down till you reach forms for usage of capital equipment, then go accross page and click on icon for forms. NANCO is the Center for Computational Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The password here is the same as previously for forms, not the new personal passwords for changing your details. These should be sent to RBNI directly by web submission, in addition to the forms for accounts which should be completed as described below.
  • Tool for monitoring NANCO load prepared by Dr Anne Weill. With path of /opt/local/bin write load_show at the command prompt.
  • NANCO use is increasing. See the report for the users meeting of the Computation based Science and Technology Research center, LinkSCEEM consortium for some statistics.
  • New users - please read the FAQ page for Nanco - help for users - first. You may also look at the Computational Physics class notes on starting with NANCO/MPI if you wish.
  • Then read Dr Anne Weill's course notes and webpages about getting started and job submission. NANCO is a computer cluster where jobs can only be run by submission to job queues, details on above links. Updates to the tcc pages here .
  • To get your account you must complete the three forms (links below) needed for an official account request.If you want an RBNI subsidy you need to send the form linked above direct to RBNI as well!!!!! (making 4 forms in total).
  • Links to the three forms which should be sent electronically to Professor S. Brandon ( are:
    1. applications for accounts - all users must complete.
      You will get reply to the first form which, if positive, will include a request to make sure the following two forms are completed:
    2. financial pledge including budget number - group leader must sign.
    3. form about use of supercomputer - all users must complete and sign.

  • We remind users that the masternodes masternode1(nanco1) and masternode2(nanco2) are for compilation, data preparation and very short executable jobs only. Users executing long codes on these nodes will have their accounts closed. Please refrain from running Matlab on the masternodes.
  • See the summary of cost information (updated July, 2009) for more details about use of NANCO.
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    Upper left: NANCO arrives at the Technion (one of the three cabinets is shown), Upper right:L-R Anne Weill (CC, HCP (and NANCO) consultant), Noam (Emet Computing) and Lilia Shvartzberg CC, (LINUX systems engineer) starting NANCO's installation, Lower left: Sauro Succi giving the Keynote talk at the Workshop, Lower right: Graduate Students and Simcha Srebnik discussing Polina Pine's poster: L-R Rina Gal(Chem. Eng), Pavel Bavli(Physics), Simcha Srebnik (Chem. Eng.), Polina Pine(RBNI), Orly Levy(Tel Aviv).