This is the new AViz site. There is also lots of information on the old site.


  • Talk introducing Aviz6.1 with [analglyphic stereo]. Proceed thru the talkslides by pressing on the next button.
  • Manuscript about [ AViz 6.1]
  • [colored images] from the manuscript.
  • Updated talk with introduction to [AViz].

    As of August 2012 a new AViz 6.1 is avaliable, prepared by Dan Peled, with help from A. Silverman. Explanations and download of files and instructions on Dan Peled's website. Note that as of 2/8/12 the code still says its 5.6 but its really 6.1, you can tell by the glasses buttons. It is installed at the Technion on TAMNUN, ALUF and PHELAFEL.

    The AViz listserv will soon be reactivated, interested users may enrol for this here.

    The following provide links to material about the intermediate AViz 6.0 version

    Some examples in this talk.

    Links to [ manuscript][ datafile]

    The code as a .tgz file and a later, better, version as a .tar.gz file and an even later, better, version as a .tar.gz file with a corrected fileFunctions.cpp so it compiles with the new gcc; also the fonts were updated in the new systems from iso8859-1 to iso8859-2. In this version Amihai Silverman corrected this, so the user do not get "Error: No font found".

    Instructions here for the 6.0 version.

  • Some examples: (left) - bond variation - press for animation, (right) - fovy variation.