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Index to Computational Physics Course Material

A summary of useful weblinks:

  1. Sitemap of the Computational Physics Class website
  2. Summary of announcements about accounts opened, PHELAFEL problems etc.
  3. Email Dr Joan Adler with general questions.
  4. Class email list.
  5. Help from consultants and information about software packages for both this course and your thesis research can be found on the software(tochnot) page of the Computer Center website.
  6. Summary of commands on PHELAFEL and phclass1-5.
  7. With fortran and c we will be using pgplot graphics and a listing of the different subroutines can be found on the local pgplot subroutines page. For use on phclass1-5 see the commands page for compilation etc.
  8. General information and syllabus.
  9. View projects from previous years.
  10. Summary of links.


The way to use this site is - firstly come to the lecture - then read the page again, going into all the links in order. If you have to miss the lecture due to MILUIM, please read thru with all links before the next lecture.
  1. Week 1 - History, hardware, software, communications, manuals, consultants, web use, security. Programs - survey2012.f, compiling and running FORTRAN in LINUX. (5/3/14)
  2. Week 2 - Simulation, enumeration, algebraic manipulations, solution of equations, basic precautions. Example of random walks, random numbers. Programs rwalk1.f rwalk2.f urand.f cplot.f, compiling with PGPLOT, project discussion. (12/3/14)
  3. Week 3 - numerical differentiation, quadrature, roots, and Targil 5 discussion. Programs chap1*.f (19/3/14)
  4. Week 4 - Ordinary differential equations, order and chaos. Programs chap2*.f (26/3/14)Targil 1 due 18:00.
  5. Week 5 - Boundary value and eigenvalue equations, Schroedinger equations. Programs chap3*.f (2/4/14) Targil 2 due 18:00.
  6. Week 6 - Molecular Dynamics in Solids, Visualization (23/4/14) Targil 3 due and please look at the page on Molecular Dynamics and play some of the movies there.
  7. Week 7 - MATHEMATICA, special functions, gaussian quadrature + project topic reports (30/4/14) Project proposal due.
  8. Week 8 - Monte Carlo integration, Ising models and simulated annealing (7/5/14).
  9. Week 9 - Percolation, fractals (14/5/14)
  10. Week 10 - Series expansions, Pade approximants (28/5/14) + LINUX bits. Perhaps queue submission on ALUF if there is time. Targil 4 due. 4/6/14 - Shavuot - no class.
  11. Student TAMNUN course account info for 2014: Your accounts are course03-09 and course23-29. Passwords given on signup sheet in class.


  12. Week 13 - HPC (11/6/14), may run into second week). Student experiences on TAMNUN - Nadav, Omri and???
  13. Week 11 - partial differential equations - time dependent Schroedinger eqn (18/6/14) + preliminary project presentations/status reports. Summary of SURVEY 2013
  14. Project topics - Dror and ???

    In 2014, material may be moved between the later parts of ``week 11'' and week ''12'', depending on interests and time taken by student presentations.

  15. Week 12 Granular media, computational optics (25/6/14) and other topics to be selected, possibly presentation by Tal Kachman. Targil 5 due.
  16. This gives a spare week, in case there will be a reason not to hold class one week, or some topic does not get finished. (2014 - spare week used up due to R. Adler's hospitalization, after 2014 no 14th week anyway.) Appointments for individual project discussions - until 25th June and 6th-end July.

    -------------- COMPLETELY UPDATED till here for 2014--------------

    -------------- PARTLY UPDATED till here for 2014--------------


  1. Targil 1 - due 4th lecture of the semester, 26/3/14.
  2. Targil 2 - due 2/4/14.
  3. Targil 3 - due 23/4/14.
  4. Targil 4 - due 21/5/14.
  5. Targil 5 - due 25/6/14, points charged after end of semester.
  6. Project Information proposal due 30/4/14, project due end of moed bet spring semester 2014, or will cost points.

-------------- COMPLETELY UPDATED till here for 2014--------------

-------------- PARTLY UPDATED till here for 2014--------------

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