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PROJECTS in Computational Physics - 2016

Completed (graded) project sites linked from the student's name; see also 2015, 2014 and projects from three years ago here and a manuscript about them. Where applicable initials of the student's supervisor/co-superviser or people who proposed topic given in research details.

Ahmad Kiswani
Lattice Boltzman algorithm
[Lattice-Boltzman with GPU] U/G project with JA - complete. runs on phelafelnew and phony5

Gal Nissim
Simulating water waves using F.E.M.
[MATLAB on CPU/GPU] runs on new phelafel

Yahel Barak
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Cd/Se/CdS quantum dots
[LAMMPS] with E. L.

Ido Schwartz
Simulation of the dynamics of a dark exciton coupled to a biexiton state in a semiconductor quantum dot
[MATLAB - Research]

Yanay Florsheim
Evaporation simulation (ultracold atoms)
[MATHEMATICA - Research]

Matias Katz
Charge density and band structure of Silicon
[Quantum Espresso] Educational for Modern Physics/Condensed Matter

Alexander Cheplov
Quantum light propagation in a waveguide array
[c with GSL package/MATLAB visualization] runs on TAMNUN

Avior Almoalem
Simulation of a magnetic, truncated cone over a uniform superconductor
[MATLAB] Finite Elements algorithm

Hadossa Oudean
Protein Folding
[MATLAB] Simulated Annealing

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Rabab Gadban
[html/Java] for High school teachers (Mechanics, part in Hebrew)

Janan Saffoury
[html/Java] for High school teachers (Elecricity and Magnetism, part in Hebrew)

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