Nir Schreiber.
I was born in  Haifa  in 26.09.71 in the Elisha Medical Centre.
I have completed my BSc studies in physics in the Technion,
and now I am an MSc student  in the Computational Physics Group,
under the supervision of Dr. Joan Adler.
I am interested in:
  •      Computational physics
  •      Statistical mechanics
  •      Percolation theory
  •      D dimensional  Ising model.
  • In the research we implemented the  Density Of States (DOS)  method suggested
    by D.P. Landau and Fugau Wang, for the Baxter-Wu (BW)
    model on the triangular lattice, which has been solved exactly.
    The Four States Potts Model (FSPM) which has the same ground state
    degeneracy and therefore belongs to the same universality class, is also investigated.

    1. Thesis seminar ps (zipped), pdf
    2. MSc thesis ps (zipped).
    3. IPS 2003 pdf, ps (zipped)
    4. q=15
    5. q=4 and BW
    6. Binder parameter
    7.  q=3 and BW: Density of states, Critical probabilityC,Spesific heat, Phase diagram
    8. Blume-Capel+BW:  Critical probability, Phase diagram
    9. Michael Fisher pdf
    10. Wuerzburg pdf, ps (zipped)


    1. "Visualization of MD and MC Simulations for Atomistic Modeling", Computer physics communications 147 (2002) 665. pdf

    2. "Monte Carlo study of the pure and dilute Baxter-Wu model", J. Phys. A. 38 (2005) 7253.
    tex ps, pdf

    3. "Microcanonical dynamics and breaking of ergodicity in systems with long range interactions", Phys. Rev. Lett 95 (2005) 240604.

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