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My office telephone number is 972-4-8292043 and I can also be reached through my Email.

My thesis project is to research melting in Magnesium which has a HCP structure, my goal is to get a better understanding of the melting mechanism both in bulk and surface, my thesis is supervised by Dr. Joan Adler and Prof. Emil Polturak.
I will update this website from time to time with progress and results of my research (Data, pictures and movies).
Short summary and results: pdf file.

Melting transition of bulk magnesium with 1024 Atoms.

Melting transition of surface magnesium with 10240 Atoms

Some results from my surface simulations for 0001 and 1010 facets with 4608 Atoms:
0001 facet
1010 facet
0001 - Density Profile
0001 - Distance between layers
0001 - Top 4 layers + Adlayer occupancy
0001 - Order Parameters
0001 - element density
0001 - RMS
1010 - Density Profile
1010 - Distance between layers
1010 - Top 4 layers + Adlayer occupancy
1010 - Order Parameters
1010 - element density
1010 - RMS

My thesis: pdf file.
My final seminar: powerpoint show file and original file.
IPS 2008 poster: pdf file.
Pictures of the initial state and final state in the direction (10-10) at 970K.
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