1. Manuscript for CISE [pdf], [ps], to be replaced by link to Journal on publication.

  2. AViz homepage.

  3. Technion Computational Physics homepage.

  4. PGPLOT homepage.

  5. RPM homepage.

  6. AViz installation and its rpms.

  7. Technion Computational Physics Course homepage.

  8. Figure 1.

  9. Figure 2 and its datafile. The split.vpm and .aviz/atom files are linked from my classnotes, where additional explanations are to be found.

  10. Figure 3 - download datafile and view mpg or animated gif. See also an experimental picture.

  11. Figure 4 - see animation.

  12. Figure 5 - see Shahar Rosen's website.

  13. Ref 1 - A. Silverman and J. Adler, ``Animated simulated annealing'', (1992) Computers in Physics, 6, 277-281. The programs from this paper can be found on our ftp site.

  14. Ref 4 - see more AViz pictures here.

  15. Ref 8. - I. Rosenblum, S. Prawer, Irina Rosenblum, J. O. Orwa and J. Adler, ``Unambiguous Identification of Point Defects in Diamond from Experiment and Computation'' download . See movies of a vacancy and a split interstitial

  16. Ref 9 - V. Sorkin, E. Polturak and J. Adler, ``Molecular dynamics study of melting in a bcc metal - vanadium II: thermodynamic melting'', http://arxiv.org/ps/cond-mat/0305082

    Not referenced explicitly in article for space reasons, but interesting...

  17. J. Adler and U. Lev ``Bootstrap Percolation: Visualizations and Applications'', Brazilian Journal of Physics download article and see Uri Lev's website.

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