Our Calculations

  1. We use Molecular Dynamics and Simulated Annealing with both classical and tight-binding potentials and (if needed) ab-initio, and also model spin systems. The projects are selected in collaboration with experimental systems.

  2. Some of our results and applications of Aviz are being presented in other talks/posters at this conference, including Geri Wagner's talk following this one and three posters:

    1. Carbon project - latest results - poster by A. Sorkin, see also details about older projects

    2. Aluminium/Alumina - latest results - poster by A. Hashibon, see also details of preliminary results on interfaces .

    3. The influence of point defects on the melting temperature of - latest results poster by V. Sorkin, see also details of models of Copper and Vanadium .

  3. In many cases results were first ``seen on the screen'' and then analysed.