1. We are a group of approx one postdoc and 4 graduate students plus some undergraduate project students.

  2. I insist on an interactive graphics system which is cheap both in terms of no software costs and requires minimal hardware support to run on each students desktop. Since we also need 3D, efficiency at drawing large numbers of atoms and bonds and the ability to highlight selected configurations, there is no ready-made solution that we have ever found.

  3. Our older visualization routines in MESA/OpenGL reached a stage where none of the newer libraries or compilers were compatible. (We used the aux libraries + glui + glut for our graphics interfaces and these were no longer supported.)

  4. Instead of minor modifications we decided on a new approach, based on newer software but according to the above philosophy.

  5. The first stage of our new routines were presented at David Landau's meeting last February, see slides here. We have called our software A(tomistic) Viz(ualization) or AViz.

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