Our Calculations - Copper, Vanadium

  1. The influence of point defects on the melting temperature of copper with Amit Kanigel and Slava Sorkin from our group and Emil Polturak and students on the experimental side.

  2. The experimental system here initially was helium (where a dramatic decrease in the shear resistance occured just prior to the bcc-hcp transition.) We then began to study the relation between defects and melting phenomena, and Amit found that copper with a ``tight-binding'' potential exhibited the interesting result that interstitials reduce the elastic coefficients while vacancies do not. One paper will appear shortly, a second is in preparation.

  3. These phenomena do not appear with Lenard Jones potentials, but correlate with experimental results for many other fcc metals.

  4. Slava is using vanadium to test whether the results also appear with bcc metals.