A Walk in Phase Space:

Solidification into crystalline and amorphous states.

These are some of the webpages and programs mentioned in my article for special issue of the American Journal of Physics, edited by H. Gould and J. Tobochnik, about Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics and Statistical Physics. View the website for this issue for a list of and links to other contributions.

  1. Download or view a pdf file of this article:

  2. The figures can be viewed here.

  3. The text can be viewed here.

  4. Glassball Visualization.

  5. Comparison between simulations with classical potentials and abinito study.

  6. Other websites with related material.

  7. The file fig2.ps which can be viewed as a color animation with Ghostscript.

  8. Color versions of the other files fig3.ps and fig4.ps .

  9. A java file will be placed here shortly.