``Visualization and Real-Time Collaboration over Internet-2''

Joan Adler, Adham Hashibon and Geri Wagner, Technion

Experimental collaborators - R. Kalish, W. Kaplan, A. Hoffmann, E. Polturak

Supported by Israel Ministry of Science, US-Israel BSF and GIF

e-mail: phr76ja@phjoan.technion.ac.il
homepage: http://phycomp.technion.ac.il
  1. Article for proceedings
  2. Title page
  4. What is in it for the experimentalists?
  5. Communication of visualizations
  6. Our calculations - Molecular Dynamics and Simulated Annealing with both classical and tight-binding potentials and (if needed) ab-initio
  7. Our visualizations - new routines
  8. Our visualizations - technical details
  9. Our visualizations - technical details ctd
  10. An example
  11. Push server
  12. Conclusions