Reality and Resolution

  1. I often teach ``Modern Physics'' to future engineers who really do not want to learn physics anymore than I want to teach them.

  2. Modern Physics in this sense means start from photoelectric effect and go via Schroedinger equations into a taste of solid state and nuclear/particle physics in about 40 lectures.

  3. From now on I will just discuss the solid state parts, noting that the material presented below is also suited to the start of a solid state course.

  4. In these Sesame Street and MTV days students do not find equations very interesting, lecture demonstrations are somewhat limited/dangerous for these topics and so computer animations come in handy.

  5. Another committment many of us have is supervising undergraduate projects, which I enjoy, but find limiting in the sense that undergraduates often do not know enough to do really interesting things.

  6. Solution: use 5 to prepare material to add excitement to 3.