Other examples using AViz

  1. There is not time to list all examples here, so I have selected my favourites including topics from Statistical Mechanics:

    1. superconductors, fullerenes and selected compounds by Ira Burshtein with many .xyz and .vpm datafiles.

    2. Bootstrap percolation with programs, by Uri Lev.

    3. Internal structure of percolation clusters with programs, by E. W.

    4. Ising models full site not ready yet, sample animation here by Lior Metzker.

  2. And two variations:

    1. An AViz-like graphics system, illustrating phyllotaxis by Hagar Landesman.

    2. AViz by my grad students Slava and Anastasia Sorkin for a class project in a course given by Ellad Tadmor on quasi-crystals whose images I plan to use for Modern Physics next year.