SIMULATIONS of QUADRUPOLES - new Aviz routines

From Or
`` I'm sending you 3 files I've changed in the Aviz source code if it might interest you :
* lineTypeBox.cpp , propertyBox.cpp - I had to change these in order for the code to compile in Fedora. It still compiles with problems.. especially having the auto-span option toggled as a default (without having the button pressed).
glCanvasArea.cpp - I changed that so that instead of displaying fixed text in the label it displays the caption of the XYZ file written at its beginning. This way I've been able to display the temperature during the animation''.


  1. ** Rotation of Pa3
  2. Cooling to Pa3
  3. ** Cooling to Pa3 at 10 percent doping
  4. ** Final structure at 40 percent doping

The programmes can be downloaded from http://phelafel.technion.ac.il/~orcohen. Detailed results and running instructions are given.