VISUALIZATION of CARBON ALLOTROPES - [ Title Page ] [ Abstract ] what

  1. Visualization: [ Why? ] [ How? ]

  2. Modelling Techniques: [Our Atomistic Simulations][Potentials]

  3. Carbon Allotropes:

    1. Carbon Atoms: [Basics] [Hybridization] [Hybridization, ctd]

    2. Carbon Phase Diagram: [Movie] [General] [Experimental, before 1967]
      [Thermodynamic limit] [Clearer image] [Nanoregime] [Nanotypes ] [Londsdaleite ]

  4. Visualization Techniques:[Change atom color] [Change bond color] [Rotate/Remove] [Change bond length] [Tracks] [Zoom] [Slice]

  5. For fun:[Benzene in nanotube (Tali Mutat)] [c60 with methane( Tali Mutat)]
    [Bending tube(Polina Pine)]

  6. Another kind of visualization: NANOTUBE CROCHET PROJECT

and to all of you

Thanks to Arie Aharon and Yehudit Mond of the Technion Visualization Center and to Irina Rosenblum for help with the earlier animations and to Pavel Bavli for help with the recent ones.
N.B. In my presentation many of these slides follow on directly with screen clicks, the above links are the complete set. Images that are linked for animations say ``press for animation'', images linked to enlargements say ``press to enlarge''

Another current project: H diffusion and final location at nano-amorphous diamond boundary by A. Silverman with A Hoffman.
I promised an explanation for one figure earlier - here it is.