1. Hypotheses from experiments can be confirmed by simulating and then visualizing processes with molecular dynamics - e.g. graphitic areas in damaged diamond were hypothesised and finally observed.

  2. New structures can be found by running molecular dynamics and looking at what happens - e.g. lowest energy site for hydrogen in diamond.

  3. The geometry of structures within closed samples can be probed by comparing simulated phonons with Raman spectra.

  4. Of course, we also calculate a lot of empirical data in the simulations, (see REFERENCES ) but visualization always helps in debugging and presentation.

  5. With our AViz package, painful processing of visualizations has been replaced by easy interactive steering.

For all the video and mpg files - thanks to Arie Aharon and Yehudit Mond of the Technion Visualization Center, and for help on the IUCC machines thanks to Moshe Goldberg, Anne Weill, Gabi Koren and Jonathan Tal.