Dr. Joan Adler
Physics- Technion, Haifa 32000 Israel
Tel: 04-8293937

Computational Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science is a rapidly growing field. We have been able to model, at an atomic level, many technologically important systems. Visualization is an essential tool for both development and presentation of research in this area. In fact, an animated three-dimensional visualization is often ``the result'' of the computation. We need to share these results with our collaborators, such as the scientists doing the laboratory experiments on the same systems, who may well be in the USA or Europe, to get feedback in real time.

The computations are made on supercomputers, (such as those at the IUCC) thus the need for visualization over the net starts from the outset and follows thru to research discussions, seminars and lectures which should also include convenient access to these three-dimensional animated visualizations. Some two years ago we experimented with receiving seminars from collaborators in Heidelberg via M-bone, but although 8am tests were reasonable, the receipt of real seminars was hampered both by other traffic, and by the lack of good multicasting.

Internet2 offers the possibility of transferring these visualizations between departments, institutions and continents by upgraded M-bone (with true multicast IGMP support) and by other forms of tele-learning and video conferencing. Such transfers will greatly enhance the understanding of the atomic systems.

Some web links to (non-animated) visualizations of my group are:

  • Surface Graphitization of Diamond
  • Interactive Scientific Visualization
  • Diffusion of Hydrogen in Diamond

    Animated visualizations can be obtained as mpeg files by ftp