Dear Nano researcher:

 SUN/EMET have delivered our  128 dual-core processor 
(2.2 GHz AMD Opteron) LINUX cluster with a
 fast interconnect based on DDR Infiniband. The cluster is funded by
 the RBNI,and we expect it will come  online early in 2007.
 Until the official cluster website is ready, information will be posted at
 or via
 accessible from the above link.

 Several potential users, both members of the group who signed the original
 proposal and researchers from outside the Technion have asked questions
 whose answers may well interest others.

 Q. Who can use the cluster?
 A. According to RBNI policy the cluster is open to all academic and
    non-academic users doing nanotechnology research. Only users whose
    research does not violate the  conditions  of the US export
    license will be accepted. Users will need to attend an MPI course
    or provide adequate proof  of prior MPI experience.

    MPI courses will be given by the Technion's HPC consultant. The next
    course will most probably open close to the time the cluster will
    come online.

 Q. Will there be charges?
 A. According to RBNI policy there will be one price for academic users
    and one for others. Technion users may request partial reimbursement
    from RBNI.

 Q. What will be charged?
 A. There will be an initial deposit cost per group as well as a smaller
    initial  deposit charge for additional users in the same group.
    This deposit  will go towards  a flat usage charge per processor hour,
    which will be substantially below the true cost. Accounts will be sent
    out at  regular intervals.
    There will be a charge for MPI courses, again on the  basis of cost
    per group with a smaller cost for additional members  of the same group.
Charges will be announced at a later date.

 Q. What software will be installed?
 A. Due to budget limitations  only  compilers and essential tools
    including the queuing aystem are currently funded. All other software
    installations will be based on the following principles:

  1.Public domain, gnu etc  software will be installed by user request
    for the use  of all users.
  2.Software with academic/MAHBA/site licenses  will be installed by user
    request for the use of all academic/MAHBA/site users.
  3.Software that needs to be purchased will be installed by user request
    and payment,  for either limited users or everyone as requested
    by the purchaser.

 Users who were part of the original proposal may request software already.
 Others may request after they have paid their entry deposits.
 Please send specific software requests to Dr Anne Weill

 The Computer Center director Aaron Yaroslavsky and HPC consultant
 Dr Anne Weill  played a central role in the selection process,
 and their support will be essential for the setup and running
 of the cluster.

 With very best wishes,

 Joan Adler, Simon Brandon, Pini Bar Yoseph and Meir Orenstein
 The Center for Computation in Nanotechnology