Pictures of Nanocluster computer arrival

Arrival of the nanocluster on 28th December, 2006.

On 28th December SUN/EMET delivered our 128 dual-core processor (2.2 GHz AMD Opteron) LINUX cluster with a fast interconnect based on DDR Infiniband. The cluster was connected at Emet and brought to the Technion already installed in cabinets. After unloading, it was moved to the Computer Center's machine room, where it is now in the on-site installation process according to schedule and should be open to users in a month or two. Courses and consulting services will be announced shortly. So far the installation is slightly ahead of schedule!

Unloading the cabinets [1] [2]
Tanya and Meirav from RBNI arrive to check it out [3]
Anne supervises the unloading[4]
A lot of cables[5]
Amihai Silverman (LINUX systems engineer, CC) and Yaron Harel (communications, CC) watch[6]
Anne shows where to place the cabinet[7]
Anne, Igal Bayn (Phd Student of Y. Salzman, Electrical Engineering) and Hector Grinberg (communications, CC) and the empty truck[8]
Starting to work on the system Noam (EMET) and Lilia Shvartzberg (LINUX systems engineer, CC) [9 ]Anne, Noam and Lili[10]Noam and Lili with Oved Ben Aroya, (head of UNIX operations, CC)[11]

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